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Simplholistic Holiday Gift Guide

The last thing you need right now for gift ideas is an endless scroll of environmentally-harmful, health-disrupting “stuff”. My Simplholistic Holiday Gift Guide focuses on well-crafted, holistic and responsibly-made items. Let gifting be thoughtful and from the heart.

Here are some of my tried and true, favorite small businesses that care about your health and wellness. And you can gift these to yourself or to loved ones knowing that the products can be safely included in your healing journey. How cool is that?

Gifts For The Home

Wellness by Ari has hand-poured Beeswax Candles. No paraffin, synthetic waxes or artificial fragrances. Some are enhanced with essential oils but I prefer unscented. Just good clean light.

The Nestling Company has a cotton rope tote, coiled by hand, that is perfect for gathering wild foods or hold your everyday belongings.

Xtrema Ceramic Nontoxic Cookware is my favorite cookware made with non-toxic, plastic & metal-free, non-glazed/glued ceramic.

Gifts for Holistic Skincare

My friend Christy at Pure Coeur Handcrafted Tallow Products makes luxurious, grass-fed, slow-rendered tallow balms. The original Coeur Fleur Tallow is incredibly healing, long-lasting and potent!

Super hydrating hydrosols from Kossma Beauty are perfect to layer under a tallow-based moisturizer in the cold weather. Also, these are soothing and uplfting with an amazing natural (no essential oils!) scent.

Next, the Glo Mask from Forever Healthy LLC is perfect for smoothing and purifying the skin. Full of super clean and nourshing ingredients like pearl powder, caffeine powder, raw organic honey, organic calendula powder, and organic orange peel powder.

Clothing and Footwear Gifts

Check out this Pact Organic Clothing Honeycomb Crew Knit Sweater. It’s thick, heavy knit organic cotton coziness is perfect for keeping warm in the cold.

Obviously, this Nelus low cut house shoe by Wildling Shoes is exactly what you need this winter! Made of wool and super easy for to slip into, keeping your feet warm and toasty.

This GOTS certified organic cotton robe in a gorgeous neutral oatmeal color is soft, breathable and moves with you from Under the Canopy.

Wellness Gifts

Root & Bones offers potent tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogenic powders. Also, she offers a White Jade Gua Sha Stone that can change your skin by clearing blockages, creating space and movement in the underlying structures so that the skin can function better.

Next, Organic Olivia has herbal products that I love and trust. Some of my favs are Mane Magic for your hair and Brain Juice for mood support.

Last, but not least, the Simplholistic Bare Naked Hormones Course + Wild Women’s ebook are perfect for anyone on your list (or yourself!) who is working to balance hormones and heal.

Want even more great holiday gift guide ideas? See my past 2022 complete list of curated Holistic Wellness Holiday Gifts!

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