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Bubs eye (pt 1)

I’m documenting the experience with my sons eye for those who have been involved. So you can share it, remember it and stay up to date on prayer requests and updates.

Saturday July 8 at the help your farmer event I host through simplholistic, my little boy was attacked by a rooster. It came out of nowhere and attacked him. I picked him up, beat the living daylights out of the rooster and cleaned his face so I could see the damage. He had multiple lacerations to his face, ear and head. And a large one on his eyelid.

there was a doctor on site and he sent me to the ER right away. Tommy was at the top of the property out of service and I couldn’t get ahold of him. I prayed he’d come down, but he wasn’t. Right as I was pulling out with the doctor, tommy came riding down the mountain in the 4×4. I was so relieved.

We went to the ER and they immediately sent us to a more specialty hospital ER 1h20m away. It felt like the longest drive but I just nursed him and sang to him. Jesus loves me is his favorite.

we arrived and the specialist did a quick look and immediately called in the specialist ophthalmologist who did and exam and knew he had to get my boy sedated for a closer look. His eye had no pressure in it but the due they used to look for a laceration wasn’t showing any tear so they were confused.

his eye was full of blood, so it made it difficult to see.

my little boy sat there through each of exam, calm and peaceful knowing they had to do what they had to do. We have always involved him in life happenings and events so he is an active participant. We let him know what to expect before we got there and let him know he had been injured.

they told us they’d have to give him nasal Xanax and other medications to “calm him down” for the exams. I told them that wouldn’t be necessary because he understands. And if he didn’t cooperate, we can talk about taking action. They were floored as he just sat there letting them do their job. Pressing his eye, lifting his eyelid, putting the pressure tool on his eye. All without a single tear. He knew he was safe in our presence and God was with him.

tommy was rocking and bouncing him and singing to him and got tired of singing Jesus loved me so he switched to another song, our little boy goes “NO, Jesus”. He knows what he wants

around 1030, they came in and gave him the iV since he had to be sedated. The hardest part is when I had tip leave my angel. I couldn’t go back with him. 3 long hours later, the doctor came out with less than desirable news.

The trauma was way worse than anyone thought. The laceration in his eyelid was all the way through the eyelid. It turns out the beak broke the eyelid skin and penetrated the back of his eyeball. He had an L shaped laceration in his eye and received 16 stitches in his eyeball. They stitched his eyelid as well. The doctor also said his retina was likely damaged and the pooling blood was a problem. He listed 5 major problems and my mama heart sunk. Possible loss of eye and getting a prosthetic, blood pooling, cornea damage, lens damage and the brain turning off communication to that eye.

My heart broke. I was sick, the news was getting worse but we at least had our baby back.

new updates coming in part 2

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