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Castor Oil Pack | Why you need to make one today (it’s easy!)

What the heck is a castor oil pack? Have you been hearing about castor oil lately? I know I have and so have my clients and followers which is why I am writing about it today. After reading, you will know

  • what castor oil is
  • why it’s beneficial for your health
  • what you can do today and fight inflammation/pain

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castor oil pack for liver care

I use/used a castor oil pack during my hormone imbalance, thyroid problems and rheumatoid arthritis. You can either make your own or use this simple pre-made one that I LOVE! Before we get started, let’s talk about some modern-day discomforts and why they can be avoided and worked on with the help of God’s incredible creation. While we are talking about hormone imbalance, I’d love for you to check out this free minerals guide that gets you the inside look at our hormones.

Plus, a boat load of other discomforts have unfortunately become “normal”. Luckily for you, I have a secret… you don’t have to deal with these things any longer! I’m so serious. I get to see my clients heal, rejuvenate and become well every. single. day. So, you can too! I hope you count yourself as blessed to have access to this free information, not everyone does.

So, what is castor oil?

Castor oil comes from the castor seed and is packed with ricinoleic acid (the healer!). Ricinoleic acid is MVP when it comes to fighting inflammation, gastrointestinal problems and inflammatory dysregulation.

The acid also strengthens your immune system, lymphatic system and is an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Sign me up.

This is important because with a weakened lymphatic system you can’t properly detox. Then, with a dysfunctional immune system, you risk being sick often and – if left unchecked – setting your body up for autoimmunity (Hashimotos, Rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac, etc.)

castor oil pack liver care

Practical uses for castor oil

If you struggle with backaches, PMS, headaches, indigestion, body odor, stomach pain, detoxification issues or joint problems, you might just benefit from using castor oil. The active acid (listed above) enhances the absorption of other agents across your skin. So, if you have essential oils or other healing oils paired with castor oil, you’re on the right track!

Several studies show castor oil being a huge helper in rheumatoid arthritis patients (like me). Other studies show the benefits patients reap that have detoxification issues. Think about putting a drop of water on a dry sponge, it is immediately sucked up. This is what happens when you place castor oil on your skin! I love it. This is a great post from Deliciously Organic.

Scienc(y) stuff

Another action of castor oil is that is increases the function of your thymus gland. When this gland is up and running, you produce T cells that protects your body from itself by controlling cancerous cells. These T cells also help your body to protect itself from foreign invaders which God knows we need in this day!

In addition to those amazing T cells, when the thymus gland is working you are producing more lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are disease fighting cells that are stored in your lymphatic tissue. The more lymphocytes you have, the quicker your body can remove toxins and HEAL!

Additionally, castor oil makes its way into your lymphatic tissue to prevent congestion that could lead to inflammation and disease. Think of any disease. Now, think of inflammation, that disease is linked to inflammation in some way, shape or form. So, let’s do all we can to keep inflammation out!

castor oil pack - self care

It’s go time! Let’s make a castor oil pack at home

When it comes to picking out your oil, look for a cold-pressed castor oil. This, this and this are quality oils. The reason you need to pick cold-pressed is because it’s the purest form you can get. No solvents, no additives and no chemicals. Just the way we like it over here.

Here’s what you’ll need for the castor oil pack. It’s about to get very spa(ish)!

You can use the recipe below or you can buy a completely pre-made kit. So amazing.

Cold pressed castor oil
Heating pad or a hot water bottle
Plastic wrap
(2-3) 1 f foot square pieces of wool, cotton or flannel
Large old bath towel

  1. Fold the flannel in 3 layers
  2. Soak the flannel in castor oil
  3. Lay on your back with your feet up
  4. Put the oil soaked flannel on your belly
  5. Cover with plastic wrap and the heating pad
  6. Cover everything with the old towel and hang out here for 45 minutes – 1 hour
  7. When you’re done, you can rinse off with 2 T. baking soda + + water

*store the flannel in a bag and reuse it!
*the best results come from doing this 4 consecutive days a week (talk about you time!)

Try this castor oil pack & detox

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