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Protein Powder Round Up | No Fillers | For Women

This guide on clean protein powder for women has been a long time coming. There are so many different “clean” proteins in the grocery store so, what is actually worth your money? This post was requested by @prettyrooted .

clean protein powder for women

I created this comprehensive guide with a download so you can confidently buy your next protein powder without any questions. After you finish reading this post you will know:

  • which protein powders I personally love
  • which protein powders are full of crap
  • the top 5 ingredients you should avoid
  • where I buy my protein powder from
  • I will go over the different types of protein/purpose in a future post

The downloadable guide is for you to save to your phone and pull out the next time you’re shopping. You never have to think “what does this ingredient mean” or “is this even healthy?” again. Like ever! I promise you will walk away with tangible things to look for when you’re online searching or helping a friend out. You’re amazing, let’s get it.

Enough with the nonsense & marketing schemes

There are many different protein powders and each one has a specific goal. Skin health, weight loss, muscle toning, healthy hair, fat loss, blah blah blah. What does that even mean? Just because a product has zinc in it doesn’t make it good for your skin. A product may have protein in it but that doesn’t make it good for you. What about the other 17 artificial and inflammatory ingredients in there? You are better off leaving in on the shelf and eating some grass-fed lamb or oysters. Sometimes when we try to make steps forward, marketing gets in the way and we end up taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back. NOT TODAY. You are about to know all the things about protein powder and which ones are best.

As always, if a post is sponsored, I will let you know. This one is not.

First, what is the point of protein powder? Well, there are many purposes for protein powder. Muscle recovery, enzyme production, hormone regulation, protein intake for optimal health and the list goes on. Second, all protein powder is not created equally and finding a clean protein powder for women is not as easy at you’d think. There are questionable ingredients that you don’t understand. The “health” food store carries products that don’t seem so health. I get it! That’s why I created this for YOU. Here are some of my favorite recipes with protein powder: hormone balancing brownies, superfood smoothie & hot chocolate.

vital proteins, bulletproof hot chocolate, simplholistic, keto drink

Clean Protein Powder for Women

My favorite protein powders (the best)

Perfect Supplements Collagen and Gelatin

Vanilla Whey Protein (contains dairy)

Naked Goat Whey

Dr. Axe Bone Broth Protein (Pure only) – entry code: SIMPLHOLISTIC

My (NOT SO) favorite protein powders (not good)

These are listed here because they contain one or all of the following: natural flavors, soy, erythritol, gums, artificial flavor, artificial color. Please, feel free to reach out to any of the brands and update me on anything you learn from them. I just don’t feel they are a clean protein powder for women (or anyone).

Lady Boss Protein (artificial color/flavor)

Gold Standard Whey  (artificial flavor)

Clean protein powder for women

Aria Women’s Protein – Designer Protein (natural flavor, synthetic vitamins)

Orgain Plant Protein (natural flavors, erythritol, gums)

Kiss My Keto Chocolate (natural flavors, stevia)

Revolution Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate (artificial colors, artificial flavors, sucralose)

Quest Nutrition Protein Powder (gums, flavors, carrageenan, sucralose)

Garden of Life (erythritol, gums, natural flavor)

Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate (flavors, gums, rice often contains arsenic)

Nature’s Answer Plant Head Protein (gums, flavors, cane sugar, carrageenan)

Amazing Grass Organic Protein & Kale (flavors, cane sugar, gums)

Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid

  1. Carrageenan (Studies show this filler is made from polysorbate 80 – an agent that’s used to get things passed our blood/brain barrier…. Now, this means it can carry toxins and heavy metals straight to your brain.)
  2. Natural Flavor (There are over 3000 unregulated ingredients that can make up “natural flavors”. It is a plant or animal byproduct that has been processed and will not be listed on labels. Now, their purpose is the same as “artificial flavors”, to add flavor that was lost in processing. Yes, MSG is a natural flavor.)
  3. Artificial Flavor …. I won’t say much about this one other than put it down and run. (k, not really but don’t eat it.)
  4. Gums (Many gums come from unknown or questionable sources.. seems to be a theme here. They can cause digestive issues and lead to gut inflammation. Most come from wheat, soy or corn…. If you’re gluten-free, it’s best to stay away)
  5. Conventional dairy, corn or soy (Organic is a must if you must have these. Conventional dairy can contain antibiotics, hormones and other not-so-pleasant ingredients. Corn and soy are GMO and can damage your DNA. Don’t worry, just say no and make sure it’s organic.)

Where To Buy Your Protein Powder

I have linked many of the sites above but these are the top places I buy protein powder from:

Don’t forget your free protein guide

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