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Got Dry Skin? Not Today!

Have you ever thought about the hundreds if not thousands of product on that shelf that claim to “heal your dry skin today!”? Maybe you have seen other products that say “Kiss dry skin goodbye.” or “Sayonara flaky skin.” Whatever the bottle says, we can all agree that 97 out of 100 times they don’t actually work. They either make our skin oily, sticky or even more dry. In the case of those 3 times the product actually works, it is usually covering up the root cause by treating the symptoms. If you have dry skin, there could be a number of causes: dehydration, climate, chemical exposure, swimming (chlorine) or certain job environments. Whatever the cause may be, whatever creams you have tried, I have a new suggestion for you.

Even in the health world we have to be careful of the “all natural”, “eco-friendly” and “doctor approved” labels. Unfortunately, these claims mean a whole lotta nothing. These products can still contain parabens, dyes, SLS and many other harmful chemicals. These chemicals are talked more about in my post on skin care. I have listed a few commons products that contain these ingredients below; not to bash them but to bring their ingredients into the light. No one deserves to be deceived.

OGX, Biolage, Sauve, Herbal Essence, Neutrogena, Tresemme and several other common hygiene products. Keep an eye out for these ingredients & place the bottle back on the shelf if it contains any of these.

Onward! There is always light at the end of these seemingly endless tunnels. Don’t be discouraged, my friend. There are companies and individuals that DO care about the health of you and your family and I will always do my best to share these products with you. Let’s talk all about the latest one I had the pleasure of working with. You are going to love this! Remember, I am super picky and if I write about a product it’s going to be worth your while.

Booda Organics is the brand that is in the spotlight today here at Simplholistic. I was shopping at Natural Grocers when I came across this awesome company. I couldn’t resist stopping by their booth because the ladies behind it were so joyful and quick to answer any questions the customers had + it was a super cute booth setup 😉  The products that they create are handmade, food-grade, organic, GMO-free, sustainable and vegan. At Booda Organics they believe that what goes ON your body also goes IN your body. They couldn’t have said it better! They also believe that even though their products are free from junk, they also need to be effective and that’s just what they are.

This local Washington company started humbly and sweetly and they remain that way. After a few nudges from friends and family they knew they had to start this business and make it official. They remain a family-run business today, cool huh?

1 Corinthians 16:9  tells us that our bodies are temples and to me that means we should be treating our bodies (inside & out) with respect in all forms whether that be de-stressing, clean eating or conscious living. The clean ingredients in these products are something to brag about. Seriously, where else can you find a cute label & clean ingredients? Here are some of the ingredients they use in their products:

Even this burn was soothed with Booda Butter!

Coconut oil (not poison, regardless of what they say) – With all the hype about how awful coconut oil is I figured I’d write about how great it is! Coconut oil is a natural anti fungal and anti bacterial that moisturizes the skin quite well (1). The light molecular weight of coconut oil allows it to penetrate deep into the skin and bind to the proteins that lie within. Coconut oil is also a SPF 4, not enough for a long day out in the tropics but probably enough for you to walk outside the house without fear of burning that precious skin.

Cacao butter – You may have heard people call this theobroma oil, or maybe that’s just me because I’m… me. Our skin LOVES healthy fats and that’s why they slurp up all these different oils when we put them onto our skins. Cacao butter contains important polyphenols and flavonoids that improve immunity, lower inflammation and increase the health of our heart(2). You can use it to prevent dry skin, peeling, chapped lips, sooth burns & some say it helps them in decreasing the appearance of stretch marks (up to you to try, those are beauty marks y’all).

Jojoba oil – Say it with me ho-ho-ba, ho-ho-ba, there you go. This oil is an emollient which means it has the ability to sooth or soften the skin. It is used a lot for people who are balding or are having troubles with growing hair back after a burn, shave, etc.  Jojoba oil is often times known as a carrier oil for essential oils, it is a great moisturizing oil on its own. Jojoba also contains compounds that fight fungi and infections. You should always look for 100% jojoba oil though because they sometimes sneak other oils into your bottle.

When someone puts all of these powerhouse ingredients into one package, I am all about that life and I want to let you in on the fun. Booda Butter makes lots of fun products like soaps, lip balms, moisturize, shirts, onesies, gift bags & little gift cards. Their moisturizer has been a summer life saver. My friends and I went out to the lake a few times for cliff jumping, BBQ salmon and lots of sunshine. Naturally, they all got sunburnt and this moisturizer worked like a gem! I put it on their burns right after and in the morning and by the next morning the burns were all gone. Plus, they all smelt like walking chocolate bars which was a plus.

p.s. They love to get love letters so, make sure to send them your love and feedback 🙂 remember to tell them I sent you!







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