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Matcha N’ice Cream

What better time for homemade ice cream than July? I mean, it is National Ice Cream Month. It is one of the best ways to cool down our bodies and live in the light of summer! Sometimes this whole ice cream spirit can be turned upside down when we get those lab results back that say… you probably shouldn’t eat dairy. Call me crazy but when it says you shouldn’t eat dairy, that includes ice cream. Fear not! I am here to show you that you can, in fact, live without the cows milk (and enjoy it). Cutting out butter, ice cream, milk, cheese, sour cream and all the other high histamine dairy foods is a huge relief for you digestive track and your body is saying “thank you much”.

One of the stars of this recipe is matcha. I am sure you have heard about matcha from all the same people that are telling you coconut oil is bad, you know, those headline readers. It is one of the newest bandwagon foods which is fine with me because it is excellent for our health. Ever heard of green tea? Well, matcha is dried green tea leaves ground up and made into a beautiful green powder. Matcha is high in an polyphenol that I will call ECGC for your brains sake. If you love big words, I will mention it at the bottom. This ECGS has anti proliferative effects in cancer and has been at the top of the MUST STUDY list for many doctors. (1) This is just one of the many antioxidants found in matcha Just like any food, quality is key. Be sure to purchase 100% organic matcha without rice syrup, flours, gums and other unneeded fillers. Don’t believe me? Head down to my sources to read for yourself.

Up next in the line up is the commonly coveted banana. While most of us love bananas, some of us don’t. If you are one of these banonos that’s okay, I will have a bananaless dairy-free ice cream post up in the near future! Anyways, bananas are often touted about for the excellent levels of potassium but did you know that sweet potato and beets are higher in potassium than bananas? This is all okay because when we eat bananas we get lots of other nutrients like fiber, B6, manganese and vitamin C. (2) When it comes to these yellow friends we have to remember that they are mostly sugar with little to no fat or protein. This means that they can quickly spike blood sugar which isn’t ideal for everyone. If you are insulin sensitive, have troubles managing blood sugar or want to lose a substantial amount of weight, other fruits would be great! Don’t be scared of food; just be mindful.

Dairy-free Matcha N’ice Cream

3 frozen bananas (medium)
1 teaspoon matcha powder
high speed blender (my favorite)

*break apart bananas & turn the blender on low speed
your bananas will start bouncing around, this is okay
*tamper them down with the tamper that comes with the blender
*leave the blender on low & the bananas will form a cream
*add in the matcha & continue to blend until you reach a desired consistency
*scoop out & serve over my Pecan Apple Crisp (you won’t regret it!)

**this serves 2 or 3 people (or one if you are ambitious)

The fancy word i was talking about above is epigallocatechin galate, fun I’d say!






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