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My Amazon Prime Day Wellness Favorites

Want a guide to my healthy amazon prime deals? Amazon Prime day comes every year and it’s the perfect time for you to try out that new Instant Pot, blender or water filter you’ve been eyeing all year. It’s a time where Amazon lowers their prices so and puts up thousands of killer deals. My favorite part about it is that you can get products that you normally buy at full price, for a discount 😉 Woo Woo!

What will you get this year for your healthy amazon prime deals?

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, here is a free 30-day trial. Try it out and you’ll have it for Amazon Prime Day! You can cancel if if you don’t love it.

Before I get into my favorite healthy amazon prime deals, here are a few fun things for you to check on Amazon:

The best deals for healthy amazon prime deals

Lodge Cast Iron Set | Was: $91.85 | Now: $49.95

If you’re still cooking with non-stick (teflon) pans, it’s time to cut that crap out! There is no need for you to continue poisoning yourself with this toxic material that leaches into your food (if if you use non-metal spatulas). This is on my top 5 list of what to change TODAY.

Healthy Amazon Prime Day 2019 - Lodge Cast Iron Pans

Blackberry Collagen Blast Protein

Vital Proteins is one of my favorite brands when it comes to collagen. They are grass-fed, made with non-toxic ingredients and no junky fillers. I add them to my smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, desserts and more. Once Prime Day is over, you can get them here!

Vital Proteins is a great way to sneak some extra protein into your lifestyle. It's available on prime this year and one of my favorite healthy amazon prime deals!

Organic Prenatal Supplements

I have a full post on supplements here. You NEED to buy organic supplements because they are a high concentration of veggies and fruits that could be sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. They third party test, test for mold spores and do not contain ANY junky fillers. Once Prime Day is done, you can use SIMPL10 for 10% off your order at Nutrigold.

Glass-lock Food Containers

Just like the age of teflon is gone, so is plastic food containers. If you are storing food (especially acidic foods) in plastic containers, you’ve got to stop. This is another one of the top 5 swaps I mentioned above. Do yourself a favor, toss them out and replace them with these glass ones. They’re super durable and road trip friendly!

Big Berkey Water Filter

TOP OF THE LINE BABY, this is my favorite water filter. This is another one of the top 5 swaps I mentioned above. You NEED to be drinking clean water without chlorine, fluoride, birth control, animal and human feces, radioactive waste and more. I’m not kidding, you need a water filter ASAP. Once Prime Day is over, here’s where you can get them!

You need a water filter, ASAP! You can get one for a KILLER deal for this years healthy amazon prime deals!

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

In line with the Berkey above is this pitcher. It’s great for travel, vacations or in your home. I bring it with me to hotels, fill up in the sink and I’m set! You can dump red juice in here and it comes out clear! Again, when Prime Day is over, here is where you can get yours. Code SIMPLHOLISTIC

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Bye bye plastic, here is a better option for your plastic water bottle. This stainless steel bottle keeps your water cold (or hot) and even keeps ice cubes intact! Ditch the plastic and opt for this one!

Organic Cotton Robe

My friend Marci Zaroff owns this company and is a real activist in the sustainable fashion world. Clothing is just as important as water of food because our skin is our largest organ and since cotton is the highest sprayed crop.. you get it!

Organic Robe from 2019's healthy amazon prime deals!

Grain Brain Book

Perhaps most important of all, education! This excellent read is the best way to learn about the science behind grains, gluten and wheat.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you follow me on IG you will see that I am constantly in my blue light blockers… you won’t catch me dead without them! We need to protect our eyes since we are constantly on our phones, computers, screens, etc. Don’t skimp on your health. Remember, when Prime Day is done, you can get them here.

Happsy Organic Mattress

Welcome to the comfiest bed in the world. After three tries at different organic mattresses, this is the one we love the most. Happsy is GOTS certified, GOLS certified, organic, non-toxic, flame retardant free and made with sustainable wool. Now, you can shop here OR you can save $250 on their site with my code HOLISTIC25

Looking for a non-toxic mattress?

This is my favorite (I HAD TO TRY THREE!)!

healthy amazon prime deals

Organic Dog Food (Organix)

Hey! Your pup deserves to eat just like you. This food is top of the line and is filled with nutrients and freeze dried food like organ meats!

Organic dog food is a great addition to your amazing cart + it's on sale for this years healthy amazon prime deals!

Lastly, here is my full amazon shop, even when prime day is complete: It has my favorites healthy amazon prime deals from home to supplements to the van build.

My favorite healthy amazon prime deals for 2019!

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