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Hormone Imbalance & What Comes Next | Part Two

Hello again, thanks for coming over to read part 2 of my hormone imbalance journey. It’s been a long past few years but amazing all in the same. I have learned so much about my body and what it’s capable of if I remove the barriers keeping it from healing. Your body wants to heal. Your body is on your side. Your body is full of life and wants to serve you. Remember those simple truths as you go through hard times.

This blog post is all about hormone imbalance and what you can do NOW to get your health back.

Today you are going to learn more about what hormone imbalance looks like. You will gain valuable skills to take control of your health. I am excited that you chose to be here today. Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • What hormone imbalance can look like
  • The steps you can take to gain control
  • Many foods you can add to aid in recovery
  • My top tricks for balancing out your mind during this journey
  • Supplements for a big boost

Hormone Imbalance Part Two

If you haven’t had the chance to read part one of my healing journey, I highly recommend it. This post will make more since if you do that; here it is.

Since I started my journey to recovery, I have learned many things. I have learned that my body is for me and that when I remove barriers, it WILL heal. I have also learned that it’s all in God’s timing. Ultimately, he uses a l l things for his Glory.. that’s a promise. Hormone imbalance is so much more than just a simple imbalance in your body. It’s something that  seemingly robbed me of my “womanhood”. I want to start a family, have a sex drive and feel my body functionally normally but it wasn’t.

It can be more taxing that a food allergy or a physical wound because it touched something deeper than I had ever realized. This was slowly breaking me and I had no idea. Be encouraged, I am praying for your healing as I am for mine! Take a moment to take a few deep breaths, like really deep breaths through the nose. On the inhale, fill your belly with air and on the exhale think emptying your belly and pulling it upwards. You’re going to be okay. Especially after this game plan I have laid out for you below.

This blog post is all about hormone imbalance and what you can do NOW to get your health back.

What hormone imbalance looks like (for me)

Illness’, imbalance, disease and all the discomforts of life can look different for each person. It’s called bio-individuality and what makes my job so difficult! Everyone is different and that means you too!

For me, hormone imbalance looks like occasional hot flashes, low libido (sex drive), acne on my cheeks, hair falling out, wired energy, irregular periods and bloating. For my clients it ranges from no energy to tons of energy. They see weight gain, weight loss, inability to gain muscle, stomach discomfort, IBS like symptoms and cystic acne. Some have abnormal facial hair growth and some are bleeding so heavily that they start to wonder how they are still kicking. It’s different for everyone, always.

One common them – though – is that it’s not quite right. Something is lacking, too much or not just right. This is what’s so great about our bodies. They whisper, then call out, then tap our shoulders and eventually scream. If we listen, we can catch these imbalances before they manifest themselves. Grab a piece of paper (or if you must, your notes your phone) and write down what feels good today. Maybe you have lots of energy, maybe you love your job, maybe you have great hair. Whatever it is, write it down…. r i g h t  n o w!

The steps I took/am taking

First, I came to a realization that thinking about what was off was going to do NOTHING. I had to look further into this hormone imbalance if I wanted to make any progress. So, I took a hormone test (SIMPLHOLISTIC gets you $40 off & free shipping) and the results were not good. You can read more about that here.

Second, I implemented a protocol I use for my 1:1 clients. As always, I made it tailored for me and started feeling the changes within a week. The protocol consisted of an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements and time for me to relax and just be.

Third, I made a promise with myself that I would take care of me, before anyone else. Because if me is down and out on the floor, no-one else is getting help from this lady! This isn’t selfish, it’s smart and completely crazy to think otherwise. Now, I see only 6 clients per month. I have a morning routine that doesn’t get skipped. My meals are time for me to STOP and relax. Nights are for being present without electronics.

Yoga was a huge part of this healing. With my hormone breakdown last year and my current hormone crisis, yoga is a life s a v e r for this girl. The healing benefits behind yoga are incredible and if nothing else, it was a time for me to STOP and focus on my life, by breath and my blessings.

Lastly, I asked myself “what’s worth it?” Sugar, snacks, running, hardcore workouts, running myself into walls, grinding till the job gets done? No, none of that is worth my health so, I stepped back. I have learned to work smarter because of it! #smarternotharder

balancing weight loss, holistic lifestyle

Foods to consider for feeling your best

During this protocol I ate lots of the foods below:

Veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes,  yams, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, bok chop, sea vegetables (wakame & dulse), squash & other miscellaneous seasonal veggies I find

Fruit: blueberries, cherries, strawberries, ginger, avocado, green apples & seasonal fruit in FL (mangoes & bananas)

Meat (pastured, organic or wild caught): turkey, seafood (salmon, oysters, sardines) and some chicken/beef occasionally

Other: plantains, coconut products (aminos, shreds, butter, oil, yogurt, water), sauerkraut, olives, protein powder (this one is approved)

During the protocol I avoided these foods for a month:

Nuts, seeds, grains, dairy, sugar, caffeine (cacao, matcha, chocolate), nightshade (potatoes, peppers, eggplant), nightshade spices (cayenne, cumin, paprika, curry), eggs, peanuts, beans and legumes.

Why, you ask? These foods can all contribute to inflammation and I “have” rheumatoid arthritis (in remission but had a back flare up).

The top tricks for getting your mind right

There are so many “do this and get X” statements. Consequently, we are often afraid to try new things cause they didn’t work. These aren’t those kind of statement. These are “I did these and they worked for me” statements. You know, experimental statements, the best kind. I hope they are helpful to you or someone around you!

  • Create a morning routine and wake up with the sun. Have a tall glass of filtered water. Catch the first sun for at least 3o minutes everyday. Go for a 30 minute walk (minimum) and move your body. I love to listen to podcasts!
  • Have your meals sitting down and preferably with someone. You don’t even have to talk, it’s just comforting to share such an amazing meal with someone (even if it’s an apple with sunbutter)!     S   l    o    w     down on the meals.. 15 minutes at least.
  • Move often but do it gently. Get up at least every hour and walk outside for a breath of fresh air.
  • Get sun exposure, like as often as you can and as naked as you can be.
  • Find your faith, I am obsessed with the gospel so, that’s what I share. I believe that Christ died for us and that we gain a peace that surpasses ANYTHING when we put our trust in him. I am saying this from experience. I was a broken girl.
  • Find a hobby and make time for it (hanging out with people, volleyball, reading, cooking, chilling, sleeping, DO IT!)

Supplements for optimal health

It’s so easy to think “no, I am not about to waste my money on supplements” but don’t stop now! Supplements, when in the proper form and high quality can be complete game changer. When they are carefully formulated, they can add major value to your healing journey. These are all carefully vetted by me and for me (remember, we’re all different). If you need supplements, feel free to email me and we can get you some ordered and delivered to you within 3 days! Or use code SIMPLHOLISTIC here.

This blog post is all about hormone imbalance and what you can do NOW to get your health back.

Ashwaganda extract (not the whole plant cause it’s a nightshade and as I mentioned above, I was avoiding nightshades). Ashwaganda is a anxiety fighter that is a game changer for me. It’s what is called an adaptogen and you can read more about it here from my sweet blogger friend, Olivia from @organicolivia <– the 1st account I ever followed on istagram!

Vitamin B6/complex – you don’t want to isolate vitamins which is why I took B6 in a complex. Now, I get all the Bs!

Vitamin C – high dose vitamin C is the route I took. C helps in the production of collagen, is amazing for pain and helps your poops to be regular.

Vitamin D (all around crucial, for anyone),DIM (for binding excess estrogen),G.I. Revive (gut restoration and healing), hemp oil (doesn’t make you high)

So, what’s next

Now, grab that same paper and flip it over. What doesn’t feel so hot? Write down any small or big things you notice and evaluate them. Do you want them to change or go away? What do you want to feel like? Email me your list, I would love to support you! You will get a free hormone consultation if you do this. It’s a no brainer!

Get your hormone test done, ASAP (use my code for $40 off)

Email me once you get your results so I can help you

& take control of your health. I have lots of free tips over at @simplholistic

Pin it for later!

This blog post is all about hormone imbalance and what you can do NOW to get your health back.

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