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Natural Sunscreen Alternative and W Yours Is Likely Toxic

Did you know this natural sunscreen alternative can be one of the best ways to cut back on toxic exposure in your life? There are so many articles being pushed with headlines like “Stay out of the sun!” “Don’t forget your sunscreen!” or “The sun is the bad guy!” but what would you say if I told you this wasn’t necessarily true? Most importantly, you’ll learn this after reading:

  • natural sunscreen alternative
  • knowledge about skin cancer and the sun
  • confidence to get sun exposure often
  • a nice tan, dang girl, looking fine

Just before we start, I do not wear sunscreen. Bioindividuality comes into play with this topic and I simply do NOT need sunscreen. With that being said, some prefer to use it which is why I wrote shared this post.

natural sunscreen alternative | skin cancer | vitamin D exposure \ Dr. Mercola

Quick run down on Vitamin D

Vitamin D is not a vitamin. It is a hormone precursor and affects over 10% of the genes in our bodies! Vitamin D is a freaking cancer F I G H T E R. Exposure is critical for optimal health and if you live in a northern region, you need to taking high quality supplements (SIMPLHOLISTIC gives you access to my database). UVB and UVA rays are both from the sun and UVB is super beneficial for your health.

Timing matters, get outside as close to naked as possible and between 10-1. Then, once you have met your daily sun exposure it’s great to apply a non-toxic sunscreen to prevent burning. Don’t forget to get tested. This is  great way to know your levels and learn if you need supplements. Email me to learn more about testings and supplements. I will give you a free Vitamin D call if you mention this post!

This natural sunscreen alternative is my favorite of all time. Why? Cause the ingredients are amazing & you don't have to worry about turning white! | #skincancer #sunexposure #DrMercola

Where the “sun scare” started

A common pusher amongst “fake news” is the mainstream media who directly benefits from the false claims. For example, if someone says “cancer is caused by the sun.. wear sunscreen!” what’s going to happen? Most aren’t going to research, find the true link and learn that it is NOT the sun! Everyone is heading to the store, buying the first sunscreen they find and lathering it all up on their bod.

“This myth was created and brought forward by the sunscreen industry, dermatologists and the cancer industry.” (3)

natural sunscreen alternative | skin cancer | vitamin D exposure \ Dr. Mercola

Why you should not be afraid of the sun

There is almost NO evidence supporting the claims that sun exposure is linked to skin cancer. (2) To be clear, you do not get skin cancer because of the sun, you get skin cancer because you are not properly nourished and you’re regularly exposed to chemicals that are linked to cancer. Besides that, when you don’t buy natural sunscreens, you are adding to the chemical load!

“Epidemiological, experimental, and mechanistic data implicate omega-6 fat as stimulators and long-chain omega-3 fats as inhibitors of development and progression of a range of human cancers, including melanoma.” (3)

Tell me something…. How in the world would something perfectly designed to give life, do the very opposite? These “protective agents” like conventional sunscreens, are contributing to the issue. They are toxic in and of themselves! Nearly 1/2 of the 500 most popular sunscreens increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread throughout the body.

Vitamin A + it’s byproducts, retinol and retinal palmitate are known cancer causers! It’s no secret. Our friends over at the EWG have done extensive research on these chemicals for years.  

natural sunscreen | skin cancer | vitamin D exposure Dr. Mercola
This natural sunscreen alternative is my favorite of all time. Why? Cause the ingredients are amazing & you don't have to worry about turning white! | #skincancer #sunexposure #DrMercola

Natural sunscreen alternative

Rather than supplementing, rubbing on toxic sun screen and doing everything else you possibly could to prevent a sunburn. Change. Your. Diet. Nutrition is at the forefront of everything in life. As a result of having an imbalanced gut, we have a compromised health. Seems like it could be overwhelming but you got dis. Eating a diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (fish, nuts, seeds) is perfect. Additionally, including antioxidants (fruits/veggies/seaweed) and avoiding the SAD diet is the way to go! Almost anyone would agree with this simple change.

Purchase a natural sunscreen and throw out your other chemical filled ones. It’s important to apply this natural sunscreen alternative after you get your needed sun for the day. 10 hour beach day.. you may need sunscreen!

If you want to put on sunscreen, wait until you’ve gotten good sun exposure for the day. Additionally, you can put a light SPF on your face since it’s such a small portion of your body! Now, let’s say you do burn a little bit more than you anticipated.. I love this after sun balm. It’s saved my life after some long beach days because let’s be honest, I am not leaving the beach if I have any say in it!

Action plan

  1. Get in the sunshine, pronto! Shoot for 20 minutes with 40% of your body exposed. Get naked!
  2. Purchase a natural sunscreen and throw out your other chemical filled ones.
  3. Most importantly, don’t fall for the scare tactics from mainstream media!
  4. Educate yourself and don’t settle for anything less.
  5. Lastly, take a quality omega-3 supplement! (code SIMPL10)
natural sunscreen alternative | skin cancer | vitamin D exposure Dr. Mercola



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  1. ashlee says:

    I mentioned that you can cover your face with the sunscreen. I also mentioned that once you have met your “allotment” for the day of being out in the sun, to cover up! It clear that burns cause mutations and that we should be cautious. Thanks for your concern! My blog is about holistic living and I am going to look at the science and research I found stating that the sun is a healer. With that being said, we should always exercise caution in the sun and apply a NATURAL sunscreen once our skin is ready for it.

    Have an awesome day!

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