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Life-Changing Sprouted Corn Pancakes (GF/V)

These vegan gluten free pancakes are all I dream about. They’re lightly sweetened with homemade apple sauce and have less than 5 ingredients.

vegan gluten free pancakes | one degree organic-2

The excitement over this simple breakfast is unreal. I haven’t hit you guys with a pancake recipe for a while now so, when I got my hands dirty in the kitchen I couldn’t wait to hit publish! These pancakes are beyond easy to make and take less than 5 minutes to whip up. Plus, they have less than 5 ingredients and an optional sweetener if you need little something something.

Finding GOOD vegan gluten free pancakes has proven a feat which is why I made you this recipe. Even better,  they don’t fall apart, crumble or taste like cardboard which is always a win in our home!

The consistency is perfectly fluffy with a little crisp on the outer edges. Top it off with coconut yogurt, something crunchy and pure maple syrup and nobody will know they’re gluten free!


What you’ll need

Sprouted corn flour

baking powder

cassava flour

almond milk

apple sauce

coconut sugar *optional

maqui powder *optional

These pancakes though…

These vegan gluten free pancakes are sweetened with a bit of coconut sugar and apple sauce. You can leave out the coconut sugar (like me) or dump it in, it’s unrefined and delicious. The coconut sugar gives the pancakes a caramel(y) taste, it’s magical. Cassava flour holds the cakes together and gives them a fiber boost.  Almond milk adds a touch of creaminess to the recipe while keeping it dairy free. I chose an almond milk that’s free of gums, sugar, additives or soy lecithin.


Now, let’s get to the best part of the recipe: the sprouted corn flour. Corn is not an item we have in our house, ever. I don’t like corn for many reasons but when I stepped out and tried this flour I was shocked. No gut pain, no bloating and no nausea. I can dig it. One Degree Organic makes products from clean organic ingredients. All of their ingredients come from trusted farmers with 100% transparency.

One of their coolest features is that you can scan/type the code from the back of your product and see exactly where it came from. Truly farm-to-table.


More on One Degree Organic

My favorite thing about One Degree Organic is that everything e v e r y t h i n g is sprouted. Seeds, grains and nuts contain an anti-nutrient called phytic acid. Phytic acid blocks the absorption of important minerals and nutrients like calcium, zin, iron and magnesium. This anti-nutrient also blocks our enzymes from breaking down our food; talk about bloating and digestive issues!  Sprouting increases the nutrient density of foods by 6-10 times. Additionally, researches said it even gives food a unique flavor. Sign me up for everything sprouted!

sprouting | vegan gluten free pancakes | one degree organic

Okay okay, enough geeking out over their sprouted goodies. Let’s get to the vegan gluten free pancakes already!

I’d love if you tagged me and One Degree Organic on Instagram when you make these! Let me know what you think and if you’re looking for more deliciousness here are my favorite desserts: vegan cheesecake, fudgy brownies or chocolate chip cookie pizza!


Recipe: Sprouted Corn Pancakes

2/3 c. One Degree Organic Sprouted Corn Flour
1/2 T. baking powder
2 T. applesauce
2/3 c. almond milk
* optional: 2 T. coconut sugar
* optional: 1 t. maqui powder (makes them purple & adds nutrients

-mix everything up in a bowl, heat up your cast iron, pour it on & flip with the edges brown
-top with coconut yogurt, pumpkin seeds and a  drizzle of maple syrup

Follow along on Instagram @simplholistic for more behind the scenes videos & nutrition tips!

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vegan gluten free pancakes | one degree organic

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