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Should You Rethink Contact Lenses?

I did a post on my Instagram about how contacts can affect our hormones recently and WHOA did it catch fire. Everyone was flipping out about their contacts and the fact that they are blocking the healing rays from the sun. I promised everyone a post so, here we go.

how contacts can affect our hormones

Contact, Glasses and Sunglasses (how contacts can affect our hormones)

Whether you’re wearing glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses.. they’re all doing the same thing. BLOCKING SUN LIGHT. (p.s. sun doesn’t cause cancer, anyways). With sunglasses it’s easy to understand because they are literally called sunglasses. But we often get shocked when we discover our glasses and contacts are doing the same.

Now hear me out, I am not telling you to ditch the things that let you see. C’mon now. But I am saying that in the morning – at the very least – we have to get used to being without them. I got lots of hesitations like “I literally am blind with out them” or “I will fall if I don’t wear them haha”. You can grab a chair, stand or sit on the grass and get that morning sun in your eyes. It’s essential for healing our hormones, thyroid, metabolism, etc. We are being that get life from the sun. We need it entering the eye.

Healing Our Eyes

Corrective lenses are a crutch. We have so much oxidative stress in our bodies that we begin to rust, just like an old car when water touches the iron. We are rusting. I see the coolest things when people get their vitamin A (not beta carotene or synthetic) from animal fats and their eyes begin to heal.

Since embarking on this return to nature, I have seen positive changes in my eye sight. Fewer floaters, increased vision and less blurry/foggy/itchy eyes. WHY? Because when we focus on the whole system aka our bodies, we begin to heal. Regardless of all the people telling you “you can’t heal, you’re broken”. You’re not.

The animal fat retinol we get is essential to all healing and is needed for copper activation in the body. Not to mention a host of other things. I’ll put out another post on this topic.

What Contact Lenses Do

I did a simple search engine search and found countless articles and information straight from the brands themselves. All of these were boasting “Our brand blocks the harmful rays of the sun” or The sun can’t get through our lenses”. Not something to be proud about, I’d say. But propaganda and mass media funded by not-so-good people convinces us otherwise.

Right from Acuvue’s website, oh so proud.

You protect your skin from UV. ACUVUE® contact lenses help protect your eyes from UV transmission*

Combine ACUVUE® contact lenses in your daily routine with wraparound sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to experience the freedom and confidence to enjoy life to the fullest.

ACUVUE® No other contact lens has higher UV blocking**

Acuvue’s website

Brands to Avoid

There are classes when evaluating which blog “the best”. Class 2 blocks 96% UVA and 100% UVB. Class 1 blocks 70% UVA and 95% UVB. According to these doctors, sunglasses alone aren’t enough. We need ultra protein so, you better wrap yourself up in a tunic, heat and full body covering to protect yourself from the evil sun.

God was SO wrong when he created the sun and our eyeballs. We just are too fragile and broken and need to be fixed. TOTALLY NOT SERIOUS HERE. Can we get anymore ridiculous?

  • Acuvue (they block the most, at 97%)
  • Bausch and Lomb’s
  • CooperVision

More Quotes from the “Experts”

UVB may help to increase our vitamin D levels, but it’s also the prime cause of sunburn – and it can harm our eyes too.

some ding dong

They’re saying yeah, they like umm raise our vitamin D which is essential to.. like you know.. living but BUT you might get a baby sunbuwwwwn.

Plus, a study showing that they do in-fact block this light. Which isn’t good. This is how contacts can affect our hormones negatively.

how contacts can affect our hormones

The Sun and Your Hormones

We need light to heal and be well. It’s essential to all life and it’s healing. Why else would silly people like gill bates** be trying so hard to block it with the “cloud seeding”. Which – by the way – isn’t a conspir@cy theory. You can find it blatantly all over the internet, research studies, school claiming they were the first to fund it, blah blah blah.

When the sun hits your NAKED eye in the morning, you start to heal. First, all the different UV, UVA, UVB, etc. waves begin to orchestrate total hormone reset and circadian rhythm reset. The sun hits the eye, your body makes serotonin, some of which is stored until nighttime. Then, when it’s dark, your body begins to manufacture melatonin out of that serotonin. The cyclic process begins and continues daily, weekly, yearly, for the rest of your life. This is why it’s also important to ensure it’s DARK at night.

When you have any kind of corrective lenses or sunglasses on, this process doesn’t happen. Something that does happen – though – is your body with lenses on does’t realize it’s actually quite sunny and high UV. Sooooo, you burn easier because your body isn’t producing that natural sunscreen. WHOA.

This photo shows you how it BLOCKS! Crazy, dude.

Ditch the Lenses and Build Your Solar Callous

Case in point, ditch the contacts (or at least go with a non-UV blocking brand, although this brings up other issues with the contact solution, a piece of plastic in your eyeball, etc.) Anytime you’re out in the sun, glasses off. Build up slowly because you likely have a really low solar callous. If your eyes water, burn, etc. upon getting out in the sun without lenses of any kind, you have a low solar callous. You’ll need to build up starting at the “safe hours” of the day. 1 hour during/after sunrise and the same for sunset. Then, add add add slowly until you’re ready to go all the way 🙂 I am rooting for you! I dig deep into this subject in my Bare Naked Hormones Course!

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how contacts can affect our hormones

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