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My Natural Home Birth Supply List (go mama!)

Looking for an all natural home birth supply list? Here’s what we used for our home birth of the baby boy. You can read my birth story here! These items were either ones we had on hand or had to purchase. I will link everything we used and put in as many details as possible for you. I can’t wait for your little one to enter this crazy world. You’re doing great, mama.

All of these items are to increase comfort and overall preparedness for your home birth. Your midwife may give you a list and you can look at that + this one to compile the best list for yourself and your needs. Just like everything I do, every item on this list is as non-toxic as it can get. If I couldn’t get a non-toxic version of something, I didn’t purchase it. This goes for the hose to fill the pool all the way to the adult diapers I used postpartum.

The exact guide: our all natural home birth supply list! Let's go :)

Where We Sourced For Our Natural Home Birth Supply List

I ordered my supplies from a variety of places but you can get a majority of them from Thrive Market or Azure Standard. These shops are more ethical and non big $$ funded like other sites *ahem* like Amazon. There were some items I could only find online but we tried other places first. But you do you!

I tried to keep it to as few shops as possible for shipping purposes but you can do what you feel is best.

Stuff We Had to Purchase

What We Had Around the House

  • (2) sheets (if you birth on the bed)
  • lots of comfy pillows to rest on
  • (3) gallon bags
  • 6-8 organic cotton bath towels
  • 5-10 organic washcloths
  • large hand towels
  • 4 organic cotton receiving blankets
  • non-toxic laundry soap (for washing everything once baby is here)
  • roll of paper towels
  • box of tissues
  • flexible drinking straws (I used metal straws with silicon attachments)
  • bowl for placenta
  • hand mirror
  • organic coconut or olive oil
  • flashlight with fresh batteries
  • box of disposable diapers (even if you are doing cloth diapers)
  • space heater (if you get cold!)

Non Toxic Birth Pool Supplies

You can rent pools or buy them. We purchased our own from a friend. It was from Oasis Birth Pools.

Extra Items to Keep You Comfy

  • exercise birth ball (6p PVC and phthalate free)
  • witch hazel, aloe vera, lavender essential oil to make padsicles
  • red raspberry leaf tea (or from here)
  • True & Co bras
  • lots of pillows to sleep with in-between your legs (for side lying/nursing at night)
  • a chill playlist on spotify
  • camera
  • Oddbird natural linen robe (lived in this)
  • Blue blocking glasses (cause baby is coming at night, let’s be honest haha)
  • Magnesium oil

Nourishing Hormone Supportive Food

Let’s not do what I did.. and not eat. I am the queen of nourishing and eating so, I don’t know what got into me other than the fact that I was probably thinking of other things. I ate a nourishing dinner and then sipped on one coconut water during my entire labor. Nothing else. Not good! I also didn’t eat after the labor (not on purpose) which sent me into a downward spiral of depletion.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • light nutrient-dense foods
  • plan meals ahead of time to have in the freezer (we prepped)
    • stir-fry veggies and meta
    • bone broth (make or buy)
    • meat loaf
    • egg muffins
    • soups

Some Extras

There are some extra things you can do to be prepared but it’s totally up to you. You can prepare a bag for the hospital in the chance you’d need a transfer. You can organize all your supplies so they are easy to find and explain where they are to others. I also recommend having herbs and epsom salt on hand so you can take baths and lots of baths. They are such a wonderful source of minerals for your body! Make sure you’re bathing in filtered water though. Tap water is not so good, babe!

Another thing I highly recommend is setting up an amazing birth team. Mine consisted of family and friends I love and trust dearly + my midwife and her assistant, of course. My husband, my mom and my mentor + my midwife and her assistant were at my birth. My little brother was also there but he had to dip out after he heard my first deep moan with a contraction haha.

I hope this natural home birth supply list is everything you need in this incredible time. I am so excited for you mama!

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