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How to Heal From a Traumatic Experience

I have been in a season of major discovery, understanding, boundaries and healing. Experiencing a stress or trauma goes deep and the healing comes through at different times. Because what I have been through has been so life-changing for me, I want to share with you how to heal from a traumatic experience.

Stress and Trauma Affect Our Bodies

My son was seriously injured in a horrific incident that occurred over the summer. See my three-part Bub’s Eye for the whole story. In short, my little boy was attacked by a rooster. It came out of nowhere and attacked him and he nearly lost his eye. This happened during the first trimester of my pregnancy with my second child and the stress of this incident had a serious impact on my health.

Why am I sharing this? Because we all go through various forms of stress and trauma and it’s important to know how it affects our bodies and what to do about it.

Traumatic Experience Depletes Minerals

First off, stress depletes minerals, big-time. I use hair testing (HTMA) to regularly check my mineral status. After the incident, I noticed that my potassium was tanked. The body burns through certain minerals during times of stress. Especially potassium and magnesium. Through intentional eating, we can support ourselves with nourishing foods.

Therapy to Help Heal From a Traumatic Experience

Storywork therapy as been changing my life. Storywork looks at the way our stories from the past decide how we act in the present. Many times we find ourselves stuck in narratives that aren’t even our own. Storywork therapy invites you to reclaim those parts of you that were lost or stolen.

I’ve been in a place of discourse with myself for years, not understanding why I couldn’t “graduate” from certain feelings or thoughts. Why I couldn’t figure out how to sort confusion in my mind. And why I didn’t understand things I didn’t even know I wasn’t understanding like why I couldn’t keep a calendar, state things I am grateful for, or voice needs I had (because I don’t even know what they are!)

What was even harder for me was my hyper awareness that I knew I didn’t align with the intrusive thoughts or out of control patterns I was experiencing. I knew it wasn’t me but no amount of will power or mental preparedness could out perform it.

Doing the Work to Heal

But I’m doing the hard work and sitting with myself. Digging back into the pain – it’s like full excavation going on. It’s hard but really good because I know I am healing. It’s nice to notice my thoughts, address the feelings they invoke and make a conscious decision based on that information.

Coming Soon to Simplholistic!

I will be adding healing work to the Bare Naked Hormones course. How to healing the nervous system, nourish the body and turn on the parasympathetic state. Addressing stress and trauma is such a huge piece in the healing journey. Taking the time to tune in to your body, your thoughts and your state is life-changing on so many levels.

There will be too much for just the mini lesson I’ll include in Simplholistic so you get to look forward to a WHOLE NEW course coming in the new year on trauma, healing, fascia and healing from events in our lives that have been forgotten or swept under the rug. This course is going to flow so naturally just like Bare Naked Hormones – I can’t wait to open up the gates! Get on the waitlist here.

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