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March 5 Favorite Things – Postpartum!

Every month I send out our 5 favorite things for the season I’m in to my newsletter community and I figured – HEY, why not elaborate in a blog post! So here I am 🙂 I’ll be sharing the top things I’m loving and the why behind them. This way you can get to know the things I do with some reasoning behind them. If it’s a physical product, you’ll get to know more about the brand/product and why I decided to bring it into my home. If you’re not on our newsletter, it’s gold but I don’t spam ya!

Postpartum month! This month is all about continuing to nurture with delicious food, build back up minerals that I have gifted to baby and some of my favorite postpartum things. You can see last months’ for more details on the third trimester!

1 – Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine (for your cabinet)!

We’re on month 3 of 3 of our partnership with SubLuna and you guys have really loving her stuff. Arielle is an amazing resource for all things wellness in relation to the earth. Her tagline is “certified by Mother Nature” which I can’t get enough of because it’s what I’m preaching all day long. You don’t need certifications, degrees and letters behind your name to be well, heal yourself and even teach others to experience the same. This month we are talking all about her masterclass you get to be a part of (and she gave me a code SIMPL10).

So we talked about her no-poor hair cleaning method and then her mineral nectars and this is all about growing your own medicine. By that I mean learning to grown all the herbs you’ll need to craft your OWN medicine cabinet. This is so empowering and something anyone can do with even very little space (like a loft apartment with a mini window!!). There are no excuses.

In her masterclass – Grow You Own Herbal Medicine – she will teach you the best herbs to choose, how to start and when to grow them. Then, even how to make beautiful and healing creations with them. I am so excited for you to jump in! I had to include this in on the march 5 favorite things.

Here’s the ​link to her herbal medicine masterclass​ – so good! & she gave me a code SIMPL10 for 10% off her educational products.

2 – Healthy Home Shop Circadian Lighting

So you know me and you know I hate harsh lights. There.. I said it! Seriously though, harsh lights are something that annoy the heck out of me. Especially when the sun is down and I’m trying to just relax and wind down. Lighting is a huge part of our health journey and something we need to take seriously if we are trying to achieve wellness in all we do. From flicker to kelvin to brightness we have a few things to learn about lights. Most have a horrendous flicker rate and you can test this out by pulling out your phone, throwing it on slow-mo and taking a video. Watch in back in slow-mo and watch the flicker!

Pretty crazy, huh. This is disrupting your circadian rhythm like no other. No wonder you’re feeling agitated or uneasy a lot of the time. This type of lighting is a detriment to our health and we have to kick it out! Another thing is the brightness and the hue like blue. When it’s beautiful sunset outside and we have beaming 12 o’clock noon lights in the house, our circadian rhythm suffers yet again.

We recently swapped the can lights in our bedroom (and working on the whole house) with these wonderful circadian lights (code SIMPL) from the Healthy Home Shop. They have 3 modes and one of them is even campfire (c’mon, who doesn’t love a good campfire hue). The campfire ones are a 1600 kelvin with zero blue light. But since they’re overhead you can still see! They are so soothing and we are here recommending them to EVERYONE.

Measure your lights and grab yours here. My code SIMPL works site wide!

3 – Greenfield Water Filters for our March 5 favorite things

A new partnership I am really excited about is this one with Greenfield Water Solutions. I have been an affiliate with them for a long time and promoted them for a long time but recently we honed in on an intentional partnership so I can showcase their INCREDIBLE products with you in more detail than a quick share on IG stories. They are a local-to-me company which makes me love them anymore because we’re all about local here. This is going to be all about their whole house water filter (code SIMPL) because their quality is truly unmatched. They actually just relaunched it in February and it’s been unavailable for months so the perfect time to invest in one is NOW.

march 5 favorite things - non toxic showering with a shower filter

Gary – the founder – is brilliant when it comes to water. Structured water specifically which is a hot topic in my world. Long before I knew about minerals and the metabolism I knew about structured water which is funny cause normally it’s not the first thing people learn about. I dove into the work of many before me and utilizing the free tool of structured water was a HUGE part of my healing journey. A foundational one, too. I still talk about it often in my course and in my ebook.

Now his kids are more involved in the company and are just as stoked about the topic as he is. Their whole house water filter (code SIMPL) includes:

  • Sediment micron filter
  • Pre pH adjustment technology
  • Filter for contaminant removal (including fluoride)
  • Carbon filter for broad contaminant removal (think heavy metals & PFAs)
  • Structuring and energizing vortexer (structured water!)
  • Descaler (important so you don’t get buildup)

You will choose between the well water and city water filter. But don’t worry. Zach and his family will walk you through every step to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need!

It’s made in America 🎉 and lasts 20,000 gallons. Then, they add crystalline quarts into the mix to give you a true spa-like experience. Imagine being in a hot spring, that’s the vibe we’re getting here. Then, the vortexer structures the water which increases hydration and cleansing on top of that soft water effect (not too much) and improved skin health. I am really so stoked for you to try it! This is the number one water filter I recommend (code SIMPL).

4 – Naturepedic King Mattress

If there’s ONE thing a new family needs when welcoming a babe.. I’d argue it’s a king mattress. As a co-sleeping family this one is huge for us. All four of us will be chilling comfortably in our Naturepedic EOS Classic King (code SIMPL15) and loving every moment of it. We got this bed when our first little guy was born and it was a game changer from our queen. We had a big pitbull at that time as well and he was a cuddler!

One thing we love about the mattress is that you can customize the sides. So if you sleep on a softer surface but your husband sleeps on a harder surface, you can have them make it that way. It’s 100% GOTS certified organic and doesn’t have any glues or adhesives. If you’re wondering why an organic mattress like “doesn’t only organic food matter”. No! We sleep on mattresses for so many hours of ours lives and they 9/10 off-gas toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and flame retardants just to name a couple. These impact our hormones very negatively.

It also has organic wool which makes it a more breathable, mold resistant and cooler to sleep on (not cold) but more temperate regulating so you aren’t getting all sweaty while you sleep. We really love Naturepedic products in our home and also have their baby changing mat, toddler mattress (which is used for his rock climbing wall 😂 ) and many of their other products. So, 10/10 recommend you save up and invest in one of their mattresses (code SIMPL15).

5 – Wear Pact Organic Clothing

Just like the mattress being organic above, the clothes we put on our bodies need to be thoughtful purchased, too! Believe it or not, the clothes we put on our skin can actually be a source of toxins leaching into our skin (polyester, acrylic, nylon, really anything plastic). Over half of my wardrobe is from Pact (code SIMPL15). I have their underwear, sweats, sweaters, t-shirts, tanks and many of their other items. They’re simple, not too fancy and just easy to mix and match so you don’t need a lot! During pregnancy I live in their coastal pants and their crop tanks!

march 5 favorite things - comfy organic postpartum clothing

All of our bedding is also from them! Their sheets are the favorites we have tried and we’ve tried a lot. They are durable (even for our van life times) and really comfortable to sleep on. They also have new kitchen items now which are beautiful! Head over and snag some items and use my code SIMPL15.

See you next month for our April 5 favorite things!

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