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February 5 Favorite Things – Baby Month!

Every month I send out our 5 favorite things for the season I’m in to my newsletter community and I figured – HEY, why not elaborate in a blog post! So here I am 🙂 I’ll be sharing the top things I’m loving and the why behind them. This way you can get to know the things I do with some reasoning behind them. If it’s a physical product, you’ll get to know more about the brand/product and why I decided to bring it into my home. If you’re not on our newsletter, it’s gold but I don’t spam ya!

Baby month! This month is all about nurturing with delicious food, my favorite postpartum tools and some more on minerals of course… because we all know I’m obsessed with minerals. Last month was our first month of doing this blog series!

1 – Mineral Nectars

Last month we talked about Arielle’s no-poo method which you loved. This month we are covering one of her incredible products – Mineral Nectars. These are her oxymels that come in 5 different flavors and all support something a little different. Oxymels are basically herbal infusions with ACV but don’t let the idea of ACV scare ya (apple cider vinegar) because you can’t really taste it and what you can taste amplifies the taste of the vanilla, flowers and other hers in the mix.

Her mineral nectars are yet another way to get in minerals without swallowing another supplement. Which you know I’m all about. They are basically little tinctures that you can add into anything! Mocktails, water, tea, juice or whatever beverage you are feeling. The one I have been specifically focusing on this month is the El Corazón blend. It’s supporting my overall mineral levels, heart and anti-inflammation in the body. This extra boost of minerals is perfect as I welcomed baby into the world and gave him a lot of my minerals in the third trimester.

What I love about them is that they’re 100% organic and wild-crafted ++ they are inspired by color. Let me explain. All of the goods found in El Corazón are based on red herbs/flowers. In La Reina the color purple is the inspiration. Different colored foods provide different benefits so she combines them all for a beautiful experience and flavor. You can buy them individually or you can buy a pack of 5 (all of them!).

2 – Windward Westward

Some of our really good friends started an amazing company and I couldn’t be more stoked to support it. It’s called Windward Westward and it’s a seasonally, intentionally and ethically inspired curated box of delicious foods. The box is called the Wild Harvest Box and we get it on subscription because it’s THAT good.

If you sign up for the subscription – 4 times a year you get a box of incredible (beyond organic) food right at your doorstep. It’s so fun every time we get our order. Dave and his team put so much effort into the packaging, design and every aspect OBVIOUSLY including the contents aka the food.

There’s always something new from sustainably harvested wild rice to Alaska chowder to bison liver jerky 🤤 The honey is my husbands favorite and I can’t stop munching on the wild blueberries that came in our last box. You also get more than just “snacks” and will receive entire cuts of meat like a boneless bison chuck roast, fillets of local fish and even sustainably caught canned tuna.

They believe the best food comes from nature and so do we. So, it’s a perfect match. Now I’m so anticipating the next box!! They did give me a code for you as well. Either SIMPL for 1x purchase or SIMPL5 for subscription purchase. Check out their site and at least try one of their boxes.

3 – Nurture Blend for our February 5 favorite things

One of my favorite herbal blends is Nurture. My friend Alyssa is the founder, herbalist and acupuncturist behind Root and Bones. We partnered on my Women’s Wellness blend that you guys sold me out of in less than 6 hours in 2022 🤯 Needless to say – if I partnered with her on a product of my own – I trust her! The intentionality behind her sourcing is incredible and she goes to far heights to make sure you’re getting the best product she can get her hands on. Like.. chaga mushrooms that have to winter an entire Siberian winter before harvesting.. that’s the level of good!

I take this blend during pregnancy and will be taking it postpartum as well. I also stocked up on them for my closest friends who were pregnant at the same time as me because every mama needs this postpartum! It’s a blood building and nourishing tonic. I highly recommend you snag one yourself. I add it to oatmeal and hot drinks mostly 🙂

4 – Beautiful Christ-Centered Affirmation Cards

My sweet friend Aleah (pregnancy bff, due a week before me) got me these beautiful christ-centered birth affirmation cards for my blessingway. A local gal in our neck of the woods makes them and they are so lovely. I had them hung around my room and different places in the house while I prepared for baby. They have images, designs and quotes on the fronts with prayer prompts on the backs. They are on a thicker stock paper so they’re nice and durable!

Mya is the owner and she’s a freedom-minded mama and christian birth doula as well. Here is where you can get her cards and hey if you’re local, maybe you need a doula! Grab a set for yourself and a friend (or 3) and they make wonderful gifts.

5 – Gembared Red Light Panel

Red light has been a part of my wellness routine for many years now. I first started using this therapy (well a long time ago like when I first knew the healing benefits of the sun lolllll) when I was in the midst of my major health issues like the autoimmunity, PCOS, infertility and the whole gamut. There is SO much noise out there when it comes to red-light so I have my tried and true (code SIMPL) brands/products I recommend and I steer clear of any others.

Most red-light devices are not actually doing anything, one. Then, they are usually causing more issues than not (flicker and EMF) which is what we DON’T want when we spend good money on something we are trying to have help us. Gembared backs their devices and any claim they make is true. I have tested them with many EMF meters and flickers tests. Their flicker is .002 on the index which is ever lower than most incandescent lights. We have the GembaRed Rex NIR & Red LED Light Panel (code SIMPL). If you want a smaller one (just as amazing) they have smaller ones as well with built in timers. The closer you are to the panel, the more healing takes place.

We use ours for red therapy yes but also of our night time lighting when getting everyone to bed so I needed one without the timer. We have it on a kill switch so I can just hit the off button to the outlet when it’s time to close our eyes!

See you next month for our February 5 favorite things!

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