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Overwhelmed? Quieting the Noise of the Wellness World.

Look around and you can easily identify the overwhelming wellness world and all it has to offer. Fad diets, supplements, this oil, that workout and the list goes on. What does it all mean? Why do you need to learn to quiet the noise? You’ll learn all of that right here!

This overwhelm is what leads most my clients and social media followers down the path of hormonal imbalance, infertility, thyroid disruption and crazy fad diets like the “listen to your body” diet. This is the premise of my Bare Naked Hormones course!

The Overwhelming Wellness World

The number one reason women come to me looking for 1:1 work is because they DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. There is so much noise out there that is coming from the very place we are going to get guidance! From bloggers to influencers to brands, it’s everywhere and it’s confusing the hell out of us. There are articles about this everywhere like this and this one!

If you’re sick of the noise, you’re in the right place. You’re also sick of it for a very good reason. Taking the advice of the thousands of people you follow on social media DAILY is absolutely crazy. Can you imaging listening to that many people in person – a day – telling you different things about what you should do for your health? It’s easy to see why this overwhelming wellness world can get us and our hormones down.

Common Fads & Why They Won’t Work

  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Low Carb
  • Low Fat
  • AIP
  • Juicing
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Fasting
  • Liquid diets
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • No starch
  • Sugar detox

Take your pick, which one are you? Seriously, how crazy is this? Absolute madness. There is no reason we need to pick a diet with strict rules and follow it. The only reason these even exist is because us women do not know what in the world our bodies need for fuel.

Instead of nourishing our bodies with foods that are nutrient dense and delicious we follow a list of dos and don’ts. Why? Because we are so removed from our bodies that we don’t even know our livers need carbohydrates to function properly and detox! Most women don’t know that little (BIG) piece of basic biology.

The fads won’t work because they are restrictive, temporary and focused on the wrong thing. They don’t focus on your physiological and biological needs as a women. They don’t take into account your hormones, thyroid and metabolic health. No, instead they focus on calories, food groups and fancy packaged foods that are trendy. They won’t work. Promise. Maybe for a short time but it will be short lived. Trust me, I’ve done them all.

quieting the totally overwhelming wellness world

Too Many “Know It Alls” That Don’t Know Crap

Hop on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or a basic online thread. Heck, go to your friends house and odds are, some untrained person that knows nothing about hormones, metabolism or basic nutrient needs is going to start talking about how you need to do X diet right away. I am not saying you have get training to know your body but I am saying people don’t know anything about the human body these days. It’s a lost art. It’s a shame.

Do something for me. Do not listen to them. Unsubscribe from this noise and unsolicited advice even if they are well-meaning. It’s not helpful and can actually be quite destructive of your health. The amount of women that have come to me with absolutely shot hormones and depleted minerals because a friend told them about a guy who knows about a diet.. yeah, no.

It’s A Money Game

When it comes to fads, there is money involved. Companies pay influencers to share about a product and while (hopefully) they actually love it, it could be the opposite of what you need. Companies know trends and study them very closely. They know what will make money this year vs. last year. They invest in that and create products to support the trend. Then, they create marketing campaigns to support their products. It’s a money game.

You are constantly bombarded with ads and targeted campaigns if you’re on social media. You signed the agreement for that when you download the Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or whatever other social media app. They watch your behaviors and interests then target you with like media.

Confusion + Overwhelm = No Healing

If you are told 978 different view points on what you should eat daily, which is what you’re doing if you follow 978 people on IG who talk about nutrition, you’ll be confused. Not only is this confusing, it’s overwhelming. The exact overwhelming wellness world we keep talking about and it could be quieted by a few simple steps we will cover below.

When you are confused and overwhelmed you are stressed. When you are stressed you cannot heal. You cannot think straight, make decisions, sleep well, listen to your body or function if you are stressed. This confusion and overwhelmed combo is not where you want to be if you want to heal. Let’s fix it.

How to Quiet the Noise of the Overwhelming Wellness World

Oh this sweet topic is one of my favorites and the premise upon which I am building my entire Bare Naked Hormones course. Why? Like I mentioned before, every women that comes to me is dealing with the overwhelming wellness world. Lucky for you, I created a plan to quiet the noise!

Unsubscribe from the noise

This one is as easy at it sounds. Get on your email, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and wherever else you spend a good amount of time and start unsubscribing baby. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and go to town. I do this quarterly and here’s what I unsubscribe from:

  • people pushing fad diets
  • businesses pushing a particular product (unless I’m a super fan)
  • doctors publishing bait & switch subject line emails
  • mainstream media anything, they’re sketchy
  • people you don’t even know how you got on their list
  • things that just don’t feel right in my gut

Choose who you follow wisely

Now that you’ve unsubscribed, it’s time you are more watchful of who gets that precious “follow” from you in the future. When you click follow or subscribe, you’re giving someone your time. You are signing up to be a part of their marketing efforts to get you to do what they want to be done. That’s marketing. That isn’t always bad but if it’s confusing and part of the overwhelming wellness world.. it’s not helpful for you.

Keep your email to yourself and give it only when you find something super intriguing to you. Same goes for social media.

Action steps

  1. set a 10-15 minute timer and unfollow the noise on Instagram
  2. get that 10-15 minute timer going again, this time for email
  3. consciously choose who gets your follow and ultimately, attention

You will learn a ton more about this in my Bare Naked Hormones course.

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