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5 Reasons to Fire Your Doctor

Doctors not listening to female patients is no new thing in the medical world. If I had a dollar for each client that came to me after seeing 15+ doctors that shut them up with birth control or told them they’re crazy… You aren’t alone my friend. Odds are, you’re here because you can’t get help and you don’t know what the heck is up with your hormones. There’s so much noise in the wellness world. I get it!

In this post I’ll cover the top 5 reasons you should fire your doctor and seek care from someone who LISTENS and actually HEARS you instead. You’ll save money, heartache and you’ll actually heal! You know you best.

Doctors Not Listening to Female Patients

So what is the deal here? Am I alone? Am I the only one who deals with this? Does everyones doctor shut them up and push them out the door with pills like this? These are all questions you’ve probably asked yourself. I know I did. Frustrated was an understatement for how I was feeling at the depths of my hormone imbalance and all I wanted was HELP!

If this is you, make sure you’re enrolled in my Bare Naked Hormones course!

Wait, Remember This

There are a few things I want you to remember as you read this article:

  1. Doctors are not trained in nutrition
  2. Doctors are trained in symptom management
  3. Pharmaceuticals are the name of the game

I was really curious a few years ago and set out to interview as many doctors in random places as I could. At the time, I was on an airplane every other week and met lots of traveling doctors along the way. I had one question for them all, “How long did you spend during your schooling learning about nutrition?”. The average answer I got was 4 hours. The most I got was from a medical doctor that took it upon herself to seek extra training in function nutrition. The lowest answer I got was 1 hour. I’m talking physical hours, not credit hours. See how this could cause problems when you go in to address a nutritional issue and that person isn’t trained in nutrition?

When it comes to schooling, most medical schools are funded by big pharma. They are taught what big pharma wants them to learn and big pharma is all about profit. Since their pharmaceutical drugs make them a profit, that’s what the students learn! They learn which symptom is which and what drug is best for the symptom. Root cause medicine isn’t in their vocabulary.

So, next time you’re super frustrated with your doctor, understand they simply weren’t trained in what you need them for. You need to seek care with someone who is trained in the field you need their help in!

5 Reasons to Fire Your Doctor

There are a million things wrong with the medical field, profits, conflicts of interests and commissions but we will keep it short and sweet instead of me writing my dissertation on these faults. These are the most common complaints I hear from my clients. You hire your doctor (like, you literally pay them), so why shouldn’t you fire them if they don’t offer you the service you need?

1. You Only See Them For 5 Minutes

Have you ever walked into an office to see your doctor for only 5 minutes? Maybe you’re lucky and got 10! Most women spend more time finding a parking spot at the office than they do with their actual doctor. How in the world are you supposed to get anything accomplished with 5 minutes? Let alone get the root cause of your hormonal imbalance or metabolic issues!

2. Pills Are All They Have

There’s a time and place for supplements and rarely for pills but if your doctor seems to flippantly prescribe the pills, why are you even seeing them? You’re looking at how to boost your progesterone, not at a drug deal. C’mon. You deserve more than this. Plus, we don’t have a deficiency in pills like birth control. We have a deficiency in minerals, macronutrients or even clean water!

3. Nutrition Isn’t Their Thing

As I mentioned above, doctors get ~4 hours of nutrition education in all their years of school. Guess what that nutrition education includes? The fat-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free bull crap we know is absolutely wrecking our hormones. Think of hospital food, that’s the nutrition they’re taught. Mainstream doctors have a place but for your nutritional, mineral, metabolic imbalances.. that’s not their place.

4. They Shut You Up or Tell You You’re Crazy

There is apparently this reoccurring theme with the women that come to me. Every single one of them has been dismissed and kindly (or not so kindly) told they’re crazy. Their doctor follows their patients viable concern with a “it must be in your head” kind of response. This is impulsive and absolutely not okay. You deserve to be heard. If your doctor ever does this to you, don’t let the door hit you!

5. They Aren’t Helping You

This one seems like a no-brainer but if your doctor isn’t helping you, fire them. You would never continue paying for a house cleaner that wasn’t cleaning your house or a baby sitter that keeps leaving your kids alone. So why would you continue paying (big bucks) for a doctor that is doing nothing for you? We have almost come to treat doctors like standard issue, like we must have one, but we don’t have to have one! Especially if they are just sucking our money and making us think we’re crazy.

I’m Passionate About This

If you can’t tell, I’m passionate about this issue of doctors not listening to female patients. It fires me up to listen to more women and help more women find that innate wisdom God gave us all. NOT YOUR DOCTOR. Doctors aren’t Gods and it’s time we stop treating them like Gods. If you aren’t already enrolled in the Bare Naked Hormones Course.. make sure you jump on right now!

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