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PCOS: When I Thought I Was Doing Everything Right (?)

You probably came over from my email list where I have you wondering with the HECK happened to me in that photo I sent.. if so, let’s finish the story. If not, make sure you’re on my email list so you can get the rest of the story delivered right to your inbox (oh the anticipation).

….. starting where we left off.

PCOS When I thought I was doing everything right

I’m in the gas station bathroom, against the cold stall to keep my body temp from rising and begging God not to let me pass out on this NASTY floor. All glory to him, I didn’t. I kept talking myself down, letting my body know I was there for it and was doing all I could to support it.

“It’s okay. You’re safe.” I kept whispering under my breath to myself. I really believe this is what kept me from passing out.

Then, I fumbled back out of the bathroom – hardly able to grasp the door handle to open the door – and met eyes with Tommy. He was MORTIFIED. I had texted him from the stall to buy me Tylenol. If you know me… this doesn’t happen. I haven’t taken a medication of any kind since I was about 16 years old. I am highly against them and the added ingredients are enough to make me pass out (being dramatic haha). He was unsure but with the severity of my text, he came in.

God bless sweet husbands

He simply thought I was having some pretty bad cramps and had to pop or something. But when we saw his colorless, lifeless wife fumbling out of the bathroom he was shocked. He followed me out, laid me on the van floor and said “hang on, I’m taking you to the emergency room”. I was so pissed! That was the last place I wanted to go since I knew they would:

  • pump me full of saline
  • ask me irrelevant questions
  • follow their standard protocols
  • & hit me with a $2000 bill

In case you’re wondering ^^ that’s just what happened. I even ended up giving them lessons on herbal remedies and natural alternatives to the drugs they were trying to get me to purchase. The nurse was thankful and it was the most expensive nutrition class I HAD ever taught 😉

Do I still have ya?

Anyways, I laid on the floor of the van while we found a tiny little ER in the area. (Gilligan right at my side, of course). Still pale white, freezing and sweaty. As we approached the clinic, most of the pain had disappeared since the episode was over.

You’re probably wondering what was going on.

PCOS journey, infertility journey and how I healed naturally

As we entered the clinic, I told the receptionist exactly what was going on and she brought me back to a room. The doctor came in and I told him exactly what was going on. “I’m going through an episode of ruptured ovarian cysts, my sympathetic nervous system kicked in hard which is why I am profusely sweating but I am freezing.”.

“The pain is gone now but I’m freezing, can I please get a blanket?”. He quickly grabbed me 3 since once wasn’t enough. “I’m assuming you’ll have to hook me up to saline and test for any internal bleeding from the ruptures.” He was quite shocked at the fact I knew my body.

“Yes.”. “I am also unsure of this being an ovarian cyst, it sounds more like a UTI to me.” He said.

I proceeded with, “well I am sure this isn’t a UTI and I am having cysts rupture on my ovaries but if you must run the culture, go for it. It’s going to come back negative”. He was SO certain it was a UTI and UTIs are “easy to deal with” since they just give you some antibiotics. They ran the culture and sure enough it came back negative. I received a $2000 bill in the mail and all I got out of it was a saline pump (which actually felt really good).

So, Why Share This

As you can see, there were neither answers provided or clarity given. I walked in and out of the ER in the same state: CONFUSED. I was overwhelmed and at a loss for my next steps but I knew something had to change. What I had been doing for the past 6 years was clearly not working for me. No matter how healthy I seemed, I was not healthy.

Some of the underlying symptoms I’d never paid attention to where the low progesterone, low temps and low pulses. I was allergic or intolerant to every freaking food and my libido just wasn’t there. I knew I had low progesterone and low temps but I didn’t really know what it meant. Also, I didn’t fully understand that low progesterone was just a symptom of something else deeper.

Recap + Takeaways

  • PCOS is just a compilation of symptoms doctors don’t know what to do with
  • It has underlying root causes that must be address in order to heal
  • PCOS has everything to do with a sluggish metabolism
  • Sluggish metabolism = sluggish thyroid = imbalanced hormones
  • Surgery and drugs will not get the root of PCOS
  • You can heal from PCOS naturally, I did it
  • I became pregnant after just two months of following the protocol I created for myself and my 1:1 clients
  • This protocol / blueprint is what my Bare Naked Hormones course is
  • Start tracking your pulse and temps to learn more about your health
  • Nourish with regular carb and protein rich meals throughout the day
  • Invest in a solid water filter (crucial)
  • Take a look at your mineral status, it’s very telling

These things are what I teach now in my Bare Naked Hormones course. The things I wish I would have known in the beginning of my health journey. Things I would have paid thousands of dollars to learn but instead I paid thousands of dollars to see doctors, nutritionist, order supplements, order labs and try different fad “health” diets.

I can’t wait for you to TRULY heal by quieting the noise of the wellness world and tuning back into your GOD-GIVEN INTUITION. You have the ability to heal, you just have to unlearn some things.

p.s. I never took the Tylenol. Our fully funded bank account card was declined 3 different times for an amount of $2.. I credit this to God as well haha. I probably wouldn’t have taken it but I just didn’t know what else to do in that moment. It was the worst pain I’d ever experienced in my life.

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