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2020 Thanksgiving Weekend Wellness Sales

Here’s the annual post where I share my top wellness favorites with you. I share them throughout the year but this time, you get extra deals and savings with my codes. I am an affiliate with these brands which means I make a small % with each purchase that came from my link or uses my code. So for that, THANK YOU! It’s commissions like this that allow me to keep Simplholistic running strong and support my family.

It’s at no extra cost to you. So if you hear about a sale from me or come across my code, please use my link and code as it helps supports me AND the brand.

Oh yeah: If you read the post on your phone, then make the purchase on your desktop computer, the sale will not be connected to me. If you can pull the link up again on your computer / use my code I would so so appreciate it.

Vote with your dollar and shop small.

2020 Thanksgiving Weekend Wellness Sales You Can't Miss

Wild Women’s Hormone Ebook

  • 40% off
  • Thursday 11/26 – Monday 11/30
  • Only sale of the year on this ebook

Berkey Water System

  • up to 30% off systems bundles
  • up to 73% off accessories
  • Thursday 11/26 – Monday 11/30

The system we have at home: Royal Berkey, Boroux Glass Bottles + Metal Spigot

Ra Optics Blue Light Blockers

  • 40% off
  • Thursday 11/26 – Monday 11/30
  • Only sale of the year

The glasses I use daily: Wallace Frames day walkers (prescription)

Nutrigold Supplements

  • code SIMPLBF
  • Get $20 off your purchase of $59 or more at checkout
  • on top of the 20% off MSRP
  • free shipping within CONUS

What’s in my cart: Magnesium Gold, B Complex, Vitamin E

Naturepedic Organic Mattress

  • code SIMPL15
  • 20% off site wide
  • 11/20 – 11/30

What’s in my cart: King Size EOS Plush Mattress

Fullscript Supplement Dispensary

  • Entry code SIMPLHOLISTIC
  • 35% off site wide
  • Monday 11/30 – 12/2

What’s in my cart: 40,000 volt drops, magnesium spray, collagen protein, epsom salt

Organic Olivia Herbals

  • 20% off site wide + free shipping on orders $100+ and a free tote bag with orders $150+
  • Friday 11/27 – Monday 11/30

What’s in my cart: Immune Shroom, Liver Juice, Elderberry Elixir, Natal Nourish

Thrive Market

  • 30% off with a new membership (1 month or annual)
  • Friday 11/27 – Sunday 11/29

What’s in my cart: canned coconut milk, pork rinds, sprouted oat cereal, acure shampoo and conditioner

2020 Thanksgiving Weekend Wellness Sales

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