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Healthy Bedroom, Healthy Hormones – How to Create A Healthy Bedroom

Learning how to create a healthy bedroom is one of the best things you can do for your hormones and fertility! Since you already know about the effects of our pulse and temperature readings on our health, it’s easy to know why poor sleep could lead to a host of other issues! Not only that but it contributes to a long list of common but not normal symptoms that most women just deal with because they think they have to!

In this post you’ll learn about the importance of a healthy bedroom and why these baby (and bigger) steps really will make a difference for your hormones. + find out which organic king mattress we LOVE!

Why a Healthy Bedroom Matters

First and foremost, we spend so much of our lives in our bedroom. I’m talking a minimum of that 8 hours of sleep we’re getting each night (theoretically). This is time spent on our mattresses that are normally doused in formaldehyde and flame retardant. Sleeping under our sheets that are sprayed with copious amounts of pesticides. Sniffing in that fragrance from the wall plugin of doom.

If we want to heal, we have to make it a priority to learn how to create a healthy bedroom. From paint to lighting to smells to your bed! It all matters. Light is one of the biggest factors we’ll talk about here and luckily it’s one of the cheapest and simplest changes to make. Phew. Then, we’ll cover the mattress, bedding, air fresheners and boundaries.

What Happens When We Sleep

There are thousands upon thousands of processes that take place when we are sleeping. That’s why we must take time to learn how to create a healthy bedroom. Our livers are detoxing. We regenerate muscle tissue, soft ligaments and other soft muscles in the body. Our hormones start their own regenerative cycle. Plus, our stress hormones go way down which allows our bodies to have – AT LEAST – that time of sleep without increases stress hormones. These are hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

When we have chronically elevated levels of these hormones.. lots of problems arise:

  • our liver turning to soft tissues to breakdown amino acids for fuel (muscle deterioration)
  • impaired thyroid function
  • lowered progesterone
  • increased estrogen
  • imbalanced testosterone
  • poor sleep
  • inability to detox no matter how many “liver detoxes” you do

Another thing that happens when we sleep is that it is DARK. Well – at least – it should be. When our bodies are in the presence of darkness – you know, that thing that happens at night – rhythmic processes that are dark/light dependent take place. Without darkness, they will never begin and this is detrimental for our health and hormones.

Light at Night (when it should be dark)

Like I mentioned above, there are processes that take place ONLY in the presence of darkness. One of which is the release of melatonin. That super important sleep hormone that boosts the relaxation we need to get a good nights rest. Cortisol is also suppressed in darkness which means stress goes down. We can finally relax.

What happens when we have lights, phones, TVs, game devices and other form of blue light in our bedrooms at night? Our circadian rhythm is thrown off and the hormone cascade begins. Our sleep becomes disturbed, we aren’t rested in the day, we aren’t as productive, stress hormones rise and now we are in the cycle of PCOS, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and the list goes on.

How to Create a Healthy Bedroom

Here is a simple guide to help you in learning how to create a healthy bedroom. Start with the simplest things first because small wins are still wins. Then, tackle the larger tasks that seem overwhelming or you simply don’t know where to begin with.

  • swap out your light bulbs from high kelvin LED to low kelvin bulbs
    • the dimmer, oranger, redder the bulb the better
  • get a red light panel for night / early morning
  • get a kill switch in your room for anything electric
  • turn off the wifi – no ifs, ands or butttttts
  • set boundaries
    • no phones, no TVs, no eating, etc. whatever best suits you
  • toss the fragrance bombs
    • air fresheners, weird wood stick things dipped in fragrance, sprays, etc.
  • invest in an organic mattress (it really matters)
    • this one is the queen we have
      • code HOLISTIC25 for $225 off + free shipping
    • this one is the king we have (code SIMPL15)
  • invest in organic (or at least non toxic) bedding
    • this is a great affordable brand
  • grab yourself a pair of blue light blockers (code SIMPLHOLISTIC)
  • shield your room from EMFs

Items to Swap First

This may help you in deciding what to do first. I include all links, products, recommendations I have for making this transition as simple as possible.

  1. Swap out the bulbs
  2. Get a kill switch
  3. Order a pair of blue light blockers (code SIMPLHOLISTIC)
  4. Set boundaries
  5. Unplug the smelly good things
  6. Turn off the wifi at night, always

A few examples of our bedroom boundaries are below. We don’t allow:

  • TV (we don’t own one so, there’s that)
  • phones in the bedroom (eliminates the wifi/EMF problem)
  • eating in the bedroom
  • working in the bedroom
  • any type of devices
  • bright lights after sunset (we use the red light panel after sunset)

Next Swaps to Make

Then, you can make these larger swaps. All of them are important and even one of them will make a world of difference.

  1. Order a red light panel (or get a chicken lamp)
  2. Invest in an organic mattress (code HOLISTIC25) or this one
  3. Invest in organic bedding
  4. Shield your room

I hope this guide on how to create a healthy bedroom has been helpful for you. It’s what I have created over the years of my healing journey and what’s been most helpful for my 1:1 clients. We go over the details of this and the other topics covered it this post in my Bare Naked Hormones Course.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hi! For Organic/non toxic bedding – there is no link to the affordable brand you mention.
    Thank you for the post!

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