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What Does Undiagnosed Infertility Look Like?

If you came over from my email series on hormones you already know that irregular periods, anovulatory periods and imbalanced hormone levels are all undiagnosed infertility symptoms. Lucky for you, I walked the infertility path for four long years and came out on top. You can too! You can get pregnant just like I did, it will just take some work!

Common Undiagnosed Infertility Symptoms

  • anovulatory cycles
  • skipped cycles
  • heavy periods
  • clotty periods
  • painful periods
  • cystic acne paired with poor cycle
  • poor interrupted sleep
  • low progesterone levels
  • elevated estrogen levels
  • high prostaglandins
  • wonky thyroid levels
  • sluggish metabolism
  • inability to get pregnant
  • miscarriage

Possible Causes of Undiagnosed Infertility

Hormone imbalance is the first potential cause of these undiagnosed infertility symptoms. If your hormones are wonky, your body isn’t focusing on preparing your womb to create and sustain a life. Imbalanced hormones start with the metabolism so, we have to look back at our metabolism first. Trying to fix hormones with a sluggish metabolism is a lost cause.

Household toxins linked to endocrine disruption are another source of stress on the body. Since we spend so much time in our homes we can’t overlook this major source of toxic exposure. Most of the chemicals we find in our mattresses, clothes, cleaners, detergents, sprays, air fresheners, pots, pans and personal hygiene products are directly linked to endocrine (hormone) disruption. Most importantly, many are directly linked to sub- and infertility.

Birth control causes a lot of issues, one of which is post birth control syndrome. Birth control doesn’t simply keep you from getting pregnant, it turns off the signaling between your brain and your ovaries. This has a long-term effect and can cause infertility. You’re talking to someone who had to deal with the negative effects my doctor never told me about. INFERTILITY.

Additional Causes of Undiagnosed Infertility

Under eating and undernourishment are big time offenders and women are in the crossfire here. We’re constantly bombarded with diet propaganda and why we shouldn’t eat this and shouldn’t eat that. We’re told we should eat 1200 calories a day by an organization that pushes fortified bread and soda. Why do we listen to them again? If we aren’t eating enough, we are wrecking the metabolism and our hormones even further. We’ve got to get off this bandwagon.

Lack of crucial minerals is what I see most in my private nutrition practice. Women come to me, we run the HTMA test and boom, they’re depleted in every major mineral. Either that or they have severe imbalances and ratios that have to be reversed if they ever want to heal. Minerals are involved in thyroid regulation, body temp, pulse rate, hormones and fertility.

Extreme exposure to EMFs is what I focus on a lot in my practice. This one is overlooked by most wellness professionals because they either don’t know about it or don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal. EMF exposure is directly linked to subfertility, lengthened estrous cycle, miscarriage and many other fertility issues. Think about it, a man-made radiation and while science tells me it’s not a good idea, I have a brain and can figure that one out on my own.

Metabolism, Hormones and Infertility

If you’re not on my hormone email list, you’re missing out. I talk – weekly – about hormones, metabolism and infertility. Your metabolism is the key to your health. If your metabolism is sluggish and not working properly, nothing else is working properly. It’s linked to your thyroid health which is linked to the rate at which nutrients get to your body which is linked to all things hormones.

Imbalanced hormones – as complex as it may seem – is just an issue of disruption of the body. It can be healed without medications, heavy dieting, low-carb, fasting, etc. Without a healthy balance of hormones, your infertility struggle will continue. We have to get to the root of hormone imbalance for and foremost and it all starts with your metabolism.

Understanding Your Body

The only way you will heal is if you understand your body and the way it works. You must understand how your metabolism works and plays a role in your thyroid and hormone health. No more fear of foods like carbs, salt and cholesterol. You must get rid of the noise of the wellness world, be willing to debunk myths and get back to your beautiful female biology and physiology. Finally, this is the reason I created the Bare Naked Hormones course!

What to Do Next

Get on the waitlist for my Bare Naked Hormones course. This course is this blog post expanded into 10+ sections, several modules, handouts, videos ad more. Lastly, we have to quiet the noise of the wellness world and balance your hormones naturally.

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