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Seasonal Eating: This Will Change Your Life

seasonal eating, eating locally, huckleberries
Seasonal eating, harvesting local huckleberries.

Seasonal Eating for Hormone Happiness

If you’re feeling all out of whack even though you’re eating healthy, you might need to pay attention to seasonal eating. 

Seasonal eating means eating from the region that you are currently in.  So, if you live in New York, you’re not going to be noshing on bunches of pineapples and bananas from Costa Rica.  Why?  Because it’s a circadian mismatch in your body that causes confusion in your cells and your hormones, can lead to inflammation, and it’s not very grounding for your body.

Your body likes to know where it is!

When you eat the right food from your region, your body says, “Oh, my gosh I know where I am!  This totally matches with the amount of sunlight and the temperatures I am experiencing day to day!”  Eating food that grows locally in your region matches all the different diurnal processes going on in nature.  Eating a mango in the middle of January in Montana throws a wrench in your body’s systems.

Let’s Geek Out on the Science:

Seasonally fresh produce is higher in naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants because it is fully developed and picked at the height of ripeness.  With optimal growing conditions and more sun exposure, you get higher levels of things like vitamin C, folate, and beta-carotene.  Foods harvested straight from the local earth preserve more of their temperature-sensitive minerals versus produce that is exposed to long, hot shipping conditions.

Bonus: Foods eaten in season are better for your health!  For example, red foods (strawberries, tomatoes, cherries) are good to eat in the summer because they contain lycopene and beta-carotene, and offer UV protection during the months of summer sun.  In the winter, we see less sun and less red fruits and vegetables are available.  Nature has got your back!

So, how do you eat seasonally?  

It means that in New York in June you’ll be feasting on berries and melons, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Think juicy, cooling fruits and vegetables to enjoy in the hot summer scorch!  Look for fresh, local produce at farmer’s markets.  Look at what you are able to grow in your own garden.  In winter, you get to enjoy cooked squashes and potatoes, beets and carrots.  These are denser, more filling foods to keep you warm in cold weather.  Think, anything that could be stored in a root cellar over the winter.

If you’re not sure what foods to focus on for optimal hormone health, check out this blog post.

Seasonal eating, local strawberries

But don’t look in your local superstore!

Because those stores import exotic produce from all over the globe.  What’s the problem with that?  This type of produce is removed from its natural environment and shipped from hundreds or thousands of miles away in extreme hot and cold temperatures.  They are picked immaturely and then sprayed with junk like ethylene gas to cause them to “ripen” on the way, causing a loss of minerals and nutrients on the journey to your plate.

To eat seasonally, wherever you are, simply look at whatever you can find around you:

  • Farmer’s markets
  • Local CSA
  • Your garden
  • Your pantry (stuff you canned yourself)
  • Local orchards, pick-your-own farms etc.
  • Check out

Are you wanting to dig even deeper into what amazing things minerals can do to balance your hormones?  Join my free masterclass on remineralizing your body: Join here!

To learn more about eating seasonally, check out this video:

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