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Pt. 2 Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Hi! See part 1 oft this recovery!

I am back online after a brutal surgery…. not really, it wasn’t that bad (minus the after pain). My mom removed my wisdom teeth and I don’t think I lost any of the brains.. hopefully.

I was stubborn enough not to take pain medication.. So for those of you who are stubborn and refuse the meds, I don’t recommend it but several people told me that as well and look where I am. So instead of telling you to take them I will recommend what to do if you decide not to!

To start, for the surgery I took arnica (6C) and staphysagria (6C) 3 times a day (5 pellets each time). The first night was horrible; I am not going to lie. I was in a ton of pain once the numbness wore off and I probably got a total of 3 hours of sleep after all the waking up, tossing, and pain. The next day I swelled up a little bit on my left side only and come to find out IT GOT INFECTED. Since I hadn’t taken the pain meds I am assuming my body focused more on fighting off pain than infection (but I could be totally wrong there).

Since the area where they made the incision got a little infected I:
1) Rinsed with himalayan pink salt and warm water (don’t swish hard)
2) Put turmeric oil directly on my wounds for about 5 minutes
3) Bought colloidal silver and sprayed it on the infected area 3 times a day (20 sprays)
4) Drank tons of peppermint tea and water
5) Take vitamin E & vitamin C

As soon as I got the colloidal silver the magic was there. Seriously, that stuff is amazing. God knew was he was doing when he created this earth and all its wonderful elements and fruit (:
The day after the surgery I had some butternut squash soup (in a container, not homemade, we forgot to shop before) and drank a lot of water.
The day after I had some chia seed pudding with fruit and that was really soothing on my mouth. Throughout the day I drank green smoothies so I could get my protein and greens in. I also had more soup, some soup and some more soup.
By day 3 I was feeling fine enough to drive to San Francisco and go to an Organic Mexican Restaurant called Gracias Madres and boy oh boy was it good! I am going to go off on a short tangent and express my gratitude for the opportunity to go to this place (: I found this restaurant about 2 years ago and have wanted to go there since! The one I found was in LA but then I found the one in San Francisco and couldn’t have been more delighted! We drove 3 hours after church to sketchy san fran (sorry but it was very much sketchy & I loved it) and walked to Gracias Madres. They had awesome wooden tables, wine bottles for water, and really cool decor. The servers were great and it was authentic mexican food. mmmmm! I ordered quesadillas, “quesadillas” they looked nothing like quesadillas but these things were amazing! They were filled with roasted butternut squash and caramelized onions & topped with cashew “cheese” and pumpkin seeds! They were scrumptious and okay for my wisdomless mouth. I also had banana cinnamon “ice cream”. I’d say it was worth the 2 year wait, trip from college, and 3 hour drive(:

What I would do differently next time.
  1. I would grocery shop before hand (and be in my own town). I would buy or make soups, chia seed pudding, smoothies, soft things.
  2. I would start the homeopathic pellets 3 days before the surgery. That way my body would be prepared for the surgery.
  3. I would not eat chips and salsa with gaping holes in my mouth, or maybe I would. I’m not sure.

Here is a little recipe for your recovery. Or, just for fun 😉

2 frozen organic bananas + 1 tsp matcha powder
* blend on a low speed until you get the consistency you want!

you can create any variation for this nice cream. add cacao, berries, coffee, maca, mushroom powders, carob, chocolate or whatever it is that your little tastebuds want!

remember to show some love & tag me in your creations!


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