Sending Off Summer With Smoothies.

With fall right around the corner I have to squeeze in as many smoothies as I can. Come see my roundup from the Blissful Bites community!

In Ecclesiastes 3 it says there is a time to mourn and that time is right now. You can join me in this time of mourning our beloved summer. I am a summer girl like a lot of you and when the mornings get chilly and the sun looses its intensity I find myself a little bit bummed! Trust me, I could sit around all winter and mope around but that will get me nowhere so, let’s mourn for a moment and then soak up that fall air. While we still have a few moments of summer left, here are a few delicious smoothie recipes from my ladies over on the Blissful Bites Facebook Group. I swear, these ladies are magic with their blenders.

Golden Mango Smoothie


Low FODMAP Green Smoothie


Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie


Raspberry Pineapple Smoothie


Blueberry Spinach Protein Smoothie


Cold Brew Cacao Smoothie


Cecilias Favorite Berry Smoothie

Click on any of the pictures to get to these amazing bloggers’ websites for the recipes. Be sure to tag me @simplholistic with all of your creations.

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Matcha N’ice Cream

Now is the perfect time for ice cream and this ice cream is for you, even if you intolerant allergic to dairy! Matcha serves as the flavor and it couldn’t be a more refreshing pair. Head on over to learn how to make yours.

What better time for homemade ice cream than July? I mean, it is National Ice Cream Month. It is one of the best ways to cool down our bodies and live in the light of summer! Sometimes this whole ice cream spirit can be turned upside down when we get those lab results back that say… you probably shouldn’t eat dairy. Call me crazy but when it says you shouldn’t eat dairy, that includes ice cream. Fear not! I am here to show you that you can, in fact, live without the cows milk (and enjoy it). Cutting out butter, ice cream, milk, cheese, sour cream and all the other high histamine dairy foods is a huge relief for you digestive track and your body is saying “thank you much”.

One of the stars of this recipe is matcha. I am sure you have heard about matcha from all the same people that are telling you coconut oil is bad, you know, those headline readers. It is one of the newest bandwagon foods which is fine with me because it is excellent for our health. Ever heard of green tea? Well, matcha is dried green tea leaves ground up and made into a beautiful green powder. Matcha is high in an polyphenol that I will call ECGC for your brains sake. If you love big words, I will mention it at the bottom. This ECGS has anti proliferative effects in cancer and has been at the top of the MUST STUDY list for many doctors. (1) This is just one of the many antioxidants found in matcha Just like any food, quality is key. Be sure to purchase 100% organic matcha without rice syrup, flours, gums and other unneeded fillers. Don’t believe me? Head down to my sources to read for yourself.

Up next in the line up is the commonly coveted banana. While most of us love bananas, some of us don’t. If you are one of these banonos that’s okay, I will have a bananaless dairy-free ice cream post up in the near future! Anyways, bananas are often touted about for the excellent levels of potassium but did you know that sweet potato and beets are higher in potassium than bananas? This is all okay because when we eat bananas we get lots of other nutrients like fiber, B6, manganese and vitamin C. (2) When it comes to these yellow friends we have to remember that they are mostly sugar with little to no fat or protein. This means that they can quickly spike blood sugar which isn’t ideal for everyone. If you are insulin sensitive, have troubles managing blood sugar or want to lose a substantial amount of weight, other fruits would be great! Don’t be scared of food; just be mindful.

Dairy-free Matcha N’ice Cream

3 frozen bananas (medium)
1 teaspoon matcha powder
high speed blender (my favorite)

*break apart bananas & turn the blender on low speed
your bananas will start bouncing around, this is okay
*tamper them down with the tamper that comes with the blender
*leave the blender on low & the bananas will form a cream
*add in the matcha & continue to blend until you reach a desired consistency
*scoop out & serve over my Pecan Apple Crisp (you won’t regret it!)

**this serves 2 or 3 people (or one if you are ambitious)

The fancy word i was talking about above is epigallocatechin galate, fun I’d say!






All My Ladies (& gents who have ladies)

When it comes to healthy living, ladies, what we put up there.. is important too. Guys, make sure your wife, girlfriend, aunt, sister is using safe famine products that are free from GMOs, chlorine and other harsh chemicals!

Hello hello hello. I have a question for you: have you lacked to care for yourself lately? Think about it. We neglect to cook good food because microwaves are easier. Working out is a thing on the back burner since there are so many “magic pills” to get us to look like the girls in the magazines. There is no reason to read ingredient labels because “we will all die someday”. Well I am here to reality smack ya and get your mind out of that gutter. Those are damaging thoughts that I will not allow you to think of yourself because you are prized and loved.

I am so excited to be writing this post because I have been saving it up for a special time. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I was struggling with stomach issues, missed periods, fatigue, etc. February was the last time I had my period and just a few days ago I GOT IT AGAIN! I can’t wait to share my journey with you guys because I think it can help some of you out. Alright, let’s talk.

Today’s topic is the beloved tampon (& other feminine products). This is something all of us have to go through and if you don’t, please tell me something I don’t know! Wether you have a heavy period or a light period you are always soooo looking forward to that glorious week of the month, can I get an amen… Now the boys may read and RUN but it is good for you boys to know as well! You will someday have a wife if you already don’t. You  either have a mom, sister, aunt or girlfriend & this info I am about to share will come in handy. So don’t click that red X yet, stick around and learn something new. I am sure the woman in your life will be pleased with the knowledge and care you have for her regarding this IMPORTANT information! Learn More

We think of GMOs as being only in food products, but in reality they are in shampoos, clothes, lotions, toothpastes, vitamins, and even feminine products! Tampons are made of cotton which is one of the top 5 GMO crops. This means unless you are buying organic tampons/pads you are most likely putting GMOs directly into your body! There is a fairly recent study noted below that talks about the horrible horrible herbicide used on GMO crops: glyphosate. I am sure you have heard of TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome, it is a bacterial infection that females get while they are on their periods and are using high-absorbancy tampons.. Ladies, we need to take care of our bodies. If you can’t afford organic tampons/pads there are other options like the cups and washable pads (no thanks) but there is no price you can ever put on your health. Plus, we have cool websites like Thrive and Vitacost where you can get discounted organic feminine hygiene products! Here is my favorite company.

Natra care is a company that I trust enough to share with you guys and that means a lot. I get brands that want to work with me all the time and if they aren’t worthy of your money, time or my approval, I will not work with them. It is nice to have companies that care about more than only money. Natracare has a commitment to your health, my health and the health of the community.

Going along with that, think of all the things that you use and which things are made of cotton! It is actually pretty crazy. Clothing, cotton balls, towels, Qtips, sheets, and that good ol’ TP! I have a challenge for you this week, pick one cotton item in your home and switch over to the healthier option! All these steps lead to a healthier you!!

This post was requested by a friend from Alaska. Feel free to message me on topics you want to hear about. This is for you!

This is hilarious video that I will leave at your discretion to watch. If you or anyone around you has sensitive ears I will just say that you may get offended. I sure didn’t; I died laughing with one of my clients cause we watched it together 🙂






Who Runs The World: Farms.

Come check out this local farm and learn how you can get your produce, meat and eggs delivered each week! Sustainability has never been so easy.

Happy friday friends, thanks for being here another day and dedicating this time to your health. I am so glad you are here to learn, absorb and act on all of this new information. If you haven’t sensed a theme within my blog yet, I am super obsessed with local businesses, sustainable practices and ethical goods. The reason these three values are so important to me is because they guarantee health and wellness to every party involved: the maker, the buyer and the creatures. I encourage you to look for the three of them together rather than just one of them. We can have local without being ethical and sustainable so, take that extra step be aware of the products you are buying each day! Don’t fall into the label trap, it’ll getcha.

Last week I had the pleasure of going out and visiting a local organic farm about 40 minutes outside of Spokane. The farm, dating back to 1887, is situated on 400 acres of grazing land and pastures. To say is beautiful would be an understatement. Rocky Ridge Ranch is the name of the farm and the CSA they run is the creation of Gary and his wife “So”. A CSA (community supported agriculture) is a program that allows you, as the consumer, to connect directly with a certain farm and their products. CSAs are an excellent way for you to take ownership and be a part of the operation that feeds you and your family. You cut out the middle man, the cost of shipping and the question of origin. Now that you know what a CSA is, let’s get to the farm!

“She’s the green thumb, I am just the guy who digs the holes.” -Gary

When I arrived at the farm I was greeted by cows, pigs and the sweet smell of rural living. The bars on my phone sunk down to blank space and there wasn’t a business in sight. “SO” the gardener and wife of Gary, runs several greenhouses where she starts plants in heat controlled spaced and later moves them out underneath the summer sun. Under her care you can find peppers, parsley, lettuce, bok choy, cucumber, red cabbage, kale, beets, tomatoes, collard greens, swiss chard, radish, romain, carrots, spinach, asian green onions, Korean green onions, leeks, fennel, strawberries, raspberries, dill, squash, asian sesame leaves, sugar peas, walla walla onions, shallots, purple/red/yellow/viking potatoes, micro greens, kohlrabi, sweet corn and a variety of herbs. These varieties are all on a rotation which prevents disease and other pests! If that isn’t a large enough variety for you, don’t worry, I have more for you below.

Outside of the garden beds you can find the remainder of those 400 acres filled with alfalfa, triticale, oats, peas, cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, goats and ducks. Their animals are as grass-fed as grass-fed gets, pastured to be precise. They wonder endlessly in open pasture, drink fresh water and gets lots of exercise. All of these things are important because it means you are getting a high quality products that are free of chemicals, synthetic feed and stressed  meat. Pastured meat has a lower acid ash than conventional meat so, you can’t go wrong. All of the animals at Rocky Ridge Ranch have never been injected with hormones, antibiotics or other vaccines and if they are due to an illness, they are taken off the production line and never sold to you. If you are a lover of eggs, fear not, their chickens are treated with just as much love and are usually roaming around. Gary even placed vents and fans in there homes to keep the air clean and ammonia free.

“There’s more fake news in the agriculture world than anywhere else. That’s why I wanted you to come in.” – Gary

Gary’s sustainable practices are an incredible aspect of the farm. From simple crop rotation to making his own feed for the animals, he wants to leave as little of an environmental impact as is possible with an animal farm. Alfalfa is a perennial that can give about ten years before it kills itself off by generating a toxin which keeps it from overgrowing. Once the Alfalfa is gone, they will grow oats since they get their fertilizer from Alfalfa. After the oats have extended their welcome, they will plant the peas. The peas are annuals that are great for forage and nitrogen. Nitrogen is crucial for soil health and the health of the produce you are consuming.

Sign up today & get a pro-rated price

Rocky Ridge Ranch is well into their season but you can still sign up! If you sign up today you will get a pro-rated price on your meat, eggs and produce. They have a variety of different programs that I have listed below.


Produce & Eggs


You can pick up your coolers full of produce, meat and eggs in Spokane every Thursday between 3 – 6 p.m.. With each CSA you will get weekly updates via newsletter. I have attached the sign up below. Under “special requests and explanations” on the form, please write that you heard from me (Ashlee)! Thanks guys and if you have any questions or want more information, please comment below! Here is the link to their website & ordering information.