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My Daily Routine to Support Hormones

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how seriously I take my hormone health and the incredible healing journey I experienced. That’s why a daily routine to support hormones is totally non-negotiable for me. If you’ve been taking in small bites of info here and there, this post puts it all together and I’ve included links to the products I trust and use for myself and my family.

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A Daily Routine to Support Hormones: Start with Sun and Earth

First thing upon waking up, I get sunlight in my naked eyes. This means no glasses or sunglasses. Just me and the sun! I like to wake with the sunrise as this sets my circadian rhythm for the day. Yep, this is so important to hormone health. The benefits of sunlight are seriously incredible.

While I am outside getting that hormone-healing sunshine, I am usually grounding at the same time. This is as simple as taking off my shoes and stepping out onto the bare ground. My cells can drink up the free electrons that the earth gives off and I am charged up for the day.

Having a Daily Eating Routine to Support Hormones

Absolutely no fasting here! Eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up stabilizes blood sugar levels, adrenaline and cortisol. So, make sure you eat! Even if “you’re not hungry”. Chronic stress can turn off those hunger signals and you might think that fasting feels great. But you’re running on stress and your body is eating itself! I make sure I choose a balance of protein, fat and carbs. I love local sausage, pastured eggs cooked in butter, and seasonal fruit. Throughout the day, I keep fuel in my body, eating every 3 hours or so to keep blood sugar stable. Your insulin and cortisol have an inverse relationship; meaning if one goes up and other goes down. This makes for one crazy roller-coaster of hormone chaos in your body. Same formula: protein, fat and carbs. Local and seasonal, please!

eating to support hormones, daily routine to support hormones

Focusing on Minerals

Imagine this: instead of worrying about how much food have I eaten, focus on how much minerals have I gotten in today? See how that changes everything? Eating for minerals is a big part of my daily routine to support hormones. If you eat for minerals, your body is more fully nourished and weird cravings disappear when your body gets what it needs. Some of the things I do daily to get my mineral needs met are adrenal cocktails, raw beef liver shots or liver capsules from Heart&Soil (code SIMPL10), cooking with organ meats and a raw chocolate milk drink.

More Support for Hormones

Once I have my foundations down – eating enough and getting my minerals in – I can add in whatever support my body is asking for. For targeted herbal support of my immune system, gut health or mood, I reach for Organic Olivia. For a protein boost with a balancing amino acid profile, I like to incorporate collagen and gelatin (code SIMPL). They are great for gummis, marshmallows and added to drinks like the adrenal cocktail. A raw carrot salad is on my daily menu because it binds excess estrogen and toxins like iron and PUFAs in the body and escorts them out. If you are detoxifying but never binding and actually GETTING THE TOXINS OUT… then you really aren’t detoxifying. And finally, I make sure I am hitting my magnesium goals, which is a challenge since our soils are so depleted from agricultural practices and therefore our food is too. I like Mitigate Stress and Lifeblud (both code SIMPL10) for my magnesium support because they have bioavailable forms without any nasty fillers.

Avoiding the Garbage

Of course, eating incredibly well and taking supportive supplements is only gonna do so much if you’re swimming in a sea of EMF and toxins. That’s why a clean, green daily lifestyle matters so much. A water filter is a must to get all the chemicals out of your cooking and bathing routines. And look for products that support our super tech lifestyles like EMF blockers. Consider organic clothing and bedding since studies now prove that plastic materials like polyester leach into the body via the skin. It matters and it does make a difference in hormone health!

Avoiding toxins and EMFs

The little things that you do every day add up so having a consistent daily routine to support hormones makes such a difference over time. Start where you can and gain those small daily wins and you’ll see things change in your wellness in amazing ways!

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