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Pro-Metabolic Eating Out

Yes, it is totally possible to continue to support your hormone health by sticking to a pro-metabolic lifestyle even while eating out! Why is this even important? Because it supports your metabolism, boosts fertility and helps with hormone balance. You work so hard on achieving wellness at home, and you don’t have to let eating out change that! Read on to learn exactly how to master pro-metabolic eating out.

Pro-metabolic eating out is easy if you plan ahead.

If you know you’re going on vacation, you can research restaurants in the area where you’ll be staying. Most offer online menus and you can check if they have local produce, locally raised meats and other seasonal goods. Even if you have to travel because of an emergency, as I had to recently, there are always options! There are just a couple of things to pay attention to and definitely don’t be afraid to ask questions! Restaurants are providing a service and their offering is food. You have every right to ask about ingredients and sourcing. Plus, asking “what’s in this?” helps to show a restaurant that their customers care about where their food comes from, and encourages them to buy local and organic.

If you’re going to eat out for breakfast and want a pro-metabolic meal, do this:

Look for fresh cut seasonal fruit, local sausages or bacon and farm-fresh scrambled eggs. Plain Greek yogurt with fruit is a good protein and carb pairing. Orange juice is another option; ask about fresh pressed juices. Coffee or tea with plenty of milk or cream and sugar is okay, AFTER you have eaten a meal with protein, fat and carbs (not on an empty tank!)

How to have a pro-metabolic lunch

Ask your server if they have sourdough bread (true sourdough meaning only flour, salt and water in the ingredients). Ask what local produce or ingredients they carry. Many lunch places offer sourdough pizza with local ingredients as toppings. Fresh juices, herbal teas, and smoothies are great beverage options. Ask for organic frozen fruit and milk in the smoothies if possible.

If you are planning to eat out in a restaurant, ask what oils the foods are cooked in.

Good answers are butter, coconut oil and olive oil. To make things easy, just tell waitstaff that you can’t have anything but butter and olive oil. Avoid anything deep-fried as they use these vegetable based oils again and again to the point of rancidity. Super gross and not helpful to hormone balance!

Ask if they have anything local or what the chef’s special is.

Sometimes restaurants will offer locally raised, grass-fed beef or wild caught fish. These are great options. Baked potatoes with butter or sour cream are usually easy to find on dinner menus. Fresh vegetables that are steamed or sauteed in butter. Cooked squash, carrots or other starchy vegetables. Fresh, in-season fruit is another great side option. For dessert, ask if the restaurant has homemade ice cream. Again, you can ask about the ingredients. Italian ice, which is a usually fruit and sugar frozen and blended, could be an option too.

Smaller, locally owned restaurants are more likely to offer locally produced foods than large chains.

They are also probably better equipped to cook a meal to order or to make changes to menu items. They probably have healthy fats to cook with, too. And bonus: it’s better to put your money back into small businesses in your community that are offering the healthy options that you are looking for. Vote with your dollars!

Okay, if you got to the end of this post and you’re like, what does “pro-metabolic” even mean and why should I care? You need to learn all about how hormonal imbalance is common but totally not normal.

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