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The Fluoride Myth & its Effects on your Health

It’s time to bust the myth and learn about the negative fluoride effects on your health. Set aside your opinions and advice from your dentist. I am bringing science without conflicts of interest or under the table payments from the pharmaceutical companies that are pushing fluoride. Plus, my favorite toothpaste with a code (SIMPL10).

Negative fluoride effects on your health & why you need to start opting out.  + Take note, fluoride is transmitted through plasma which means it gets into that precious mothers milk.

First, I understand how difficult this may be for you to read. I understand this may ruffle feathers but I am not here to please anyone. Instead, I am here to show you scientific evidence on negative fluoride effects on your health. Every bit of research in this article comes from studies that do NOT have any conflicts of interest (i.e. funded by fluoride companies). Please, come with open ears and understand I am not bashing anyone. My mom and sister-in-law are in the dental field so, chill a little.

History of Fluoride

1886 – Scientistis discovered Fluorine, a corrosive yellow gas. They used it in uranium, ceramics, plastic, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. It was also uses in aerosol propellants.

1909 – Introduced to the dental field

1945 – A study on 30k kids showed dental carries but the data was later deemed as flawed. They used cherry picked, biased and unreliable data. There were also conflicts of interest.

1950 – Added to municipal water

It was said that fluoride prevented dental carries. Unbeknownst to most people, fluoride is dependent on other minerals like calcium and magnesium in order to work how they would like. Unfortunately, a majority of the population is deficient in these minerals. When fluoride is administered to these deficient populations, the prevalence of dental carries actually increases. Yikes!

No fluoride deficiency disease has ever been documented for humans.

Source (1)
Tap water Insights - chlorine, fluoride and beyond

Plus, the negative fluoride effects on your health

The Dental X Fluoride Connection

So, why do they standard issue fluoride when you take a trip to the dental office? One, because the pharmaceutical companies have taught all of their students in college that fluoride is necessary to keep your teeth healthy (myth). Two, fluoride interacts with HEALTHY enamel to crystalize and essentially create a barrier that prevents carries. Remember, your teeth must be healthy for this to work.

p.s. the reason dental carries occur is because of nutrient deficiencies and consuming too much sugar. Bacteria metabolizes sugar = lactic acid = lower pH in saliva and bam, our perfectly designed chemistry is thrown off. A low pH (<5.5) = diminished enamel = dental carries. Put down the sugar and back away from the fluoride.

Unfortunately, the “adequate daily intake” is flawed and we are taking in WAY more than they recommended amount.

  • Adequate daily intake – .7 – 1.2 ppm
  • Actual intake (adults) – 1.58 – 6.6 mg / day
  • Actual intake (kids) – .9 – 3.6 mg
  • 90% of 3 month olds over consume fluoride at >6 mg / day

Fluoride in the Body

Fluoride works like this. It’s administer topically or in fluoridated water (city water) which is not proven to prevent dental carries, by the way. It crosses the blood brain barrier and placenta. This means if you are pregnant, baby is getting fluoride in its system. Take note, fluoride is transmitted through plasma which means your precious mothers milk becomes contaminated.

90% of fluoride is absorbed in the GI tract (hello gut problems) and 10% is excreted though feces. Our kidneys are the only organ that can maintain concentrations of fluoride. So, they are working like crazy to keep our bodies well. Eventually, your kidneys get bogged down and you start having lower back pain and kidney issues: stones, acidity, etc.

Take note, fluoride is transmitted through plasma which means it gets into that precious mothers milk.

Negative fluoride effects on your health

First, fluoride exacerbates an adverse effect on polysaccharide metabolism in bacterial cells. To sum it up, this means it messes up the breakdown of carbohydrates.

Next, it reduces the ability of cells to maintain pH homeostasis which is ironic because as I mentioned earlier, you need a proper pH to maintain dental health.

Fluoride causes major health issues like:

  • brittle teeth
  • dental and skeletal fluorosis (occurs within the 1st 6 years of life and is the first sign of fluoride toxicity)
  • hypothyroid – since it competes with iodine
  • delayed cognitive development
  • low T3 – in 100% of kids tested in this study
  • enzymatic disruption (it effects 66 enzymes; P450 being one of them)
  • ventricular fibrillations
  • link to uterine and bladder cancer
  • significant decrease in FT3 and FT4, acetylcholine esterase activity
  • decrease in granular cells (goodbye brain health and cognitive function) – more profound in the 3rd generation
  • decreased learning ability and memory

Fluoride and your thyroid

Your thyroid LOVES iodine and foods that contain iodine. To no surprise, fluoride interferes with iodine receptors in the body. It binds tof receptors and takes the place of any precious iodine that had a chance. When we have low iodine, halogens like bromine, fluorine and chlorine are reabsorbed into and block the thyroid gland (3). The iodine no longer has a chance.

When this happens, TSH, T3 and T4 significantly decrease. Now, the picture is no longer of only our thyroids. We are lookin at hormones, sex drive, infertility and much more. Remember, this is why so many women are sick and cannot “fix” it with restrictive diets or supplements.

What you can do now

Don’t let this news get you down. Let it motivate and encourage you to change your lifestyle and stop listening to the manipulated medical news like “coconut oil is poison”. Like… come on!

Here are my top steps to protecting your thyroid and overall health from the negative fluoride effects on your health.

  • GET A WATER FILTER, ASAP. If there is one thing you can do that’s ridiculously simple and will make a significant impact on your health, it’s this. These are the two I recommend and have codes for:
  • Stop drinking soda.. hello 2019!
  • Opt out of fluoride at the dental office. Just say “During my visit today I would like to opt out of getting fluoride”. Did you know it costs extra anyways!?

Now you are ready to go. Take this day and conquer it, fluoride free 🙂

Resources –

Discover the negative fluoride effects on your health.. thyroid, hormones and cognitive function!

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