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My Exact Holistic Coronavirus and Flu Protocol (+ other viral illnesses)

With all the hype of coronavirus, this disease, that contagious virus, blah blah blah, I had to share my holistic coronavirus and flu protocol. You’ve been long asking for it anyways so, here you go! It’s my non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, natural and effective protocol for the cold, flu, coronavirus and other illnesses that make their way into circulation. + you can grab your own copy of my FREE Simpl Immunity Ebook.

Holistic Coronavirus and Flu Protocol

All the supplements I mention below are linked and I’ve included my affiliate codes if I have them. I have also linked the supplement dispensary I have been using for 6 years now and recommend you create an account with (it’s free). You’ll need my entry code: SIMPLHOLISTIC to get in.

Sun Before Supplements

If you follow me on Instagram (or go look at my bio now), you’ll see I’m sunlight obsessed. This is for many reasons that I won’t dive too deeply into here but you can learn more about in my ebook or this blog post. The sun is a healing and potent medicine despite what every other ding dong in the FDA or government agencies has to say.

Long before I am sick, I am out in the sun as often as possible without sunscreen or clothing (until I’ve gotten enough). Then, before I start loading up on supplements, I head outside and get that free sunshine medicine.

This includes getting outside to watch the sunrise each morning because as I’ll talk about in the “high quality sleep” section, we need morning sunrise to get good sleep at night. Here’s my sun schedule:

  • wake with the sun
  • watch the sunrise with my naked eye (no glasses/no windows)
  • eat breakfast outside
  • do as many tasks outside as possible until I can’t see my screen because it’s too bright
  • lunch outside
  • dinner outside
  • watch the sunset

We were created to be outside. Incase you didn’t know.

When faced with hospitalization, the most powerful person in the most entire hospital system is the patient. However, in most cases, the system works on the assumption that the patient will not claim that power. Source

High Dose Vitamin C

Study after study shows how effective high dose vitamin C is for general wellness and especially sickness like the cold, flu or coronavirus. You won’t see this advertised on major media sites or news channels because well, they can’t patent nature = they can’t make a big buck off vitamin C. Infectious disease like influenza (the flu) accelerate depletion of vitamin C and accelerate the need for it!

The reason vitamin C is so important is that it stimulates functions of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. It up regulates the immune system and has mounds and mounds of documented cases of CURING infection diseases. It’s #1 in my holistic coronavirus and flu protocol.

Despite the efficacy of high enough doses of vitamin C, hospitals and protocols still don’t include it. 50,000-70,000 die from the flu each year and the flu shot doesn’t work, incase you’re wondering.

I take 3,000 mg 4-5 a day of pharmaceutical grade vitamin C. Usually I’ll take it with a wellness shot because it tastes disgusting. I’ve taken up to 25,000 mg and the only thing that happened is I almost pooped my pants (bowel tolerance). You’ll want to work your way up because your bowels are different than mine, ha.

Vitamin D3 + K2

If you aren’t able to get enough vitamin D from the sun, supplementing is crucial. I recommend Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Gold (code SIMPL for 15% off). If you don’t have enough vitamin D, your health will struggle. I like to see mine and my clients up at 80 ng/mL. Checking your levels is also a fantastic idea, I do it every 6 months.

I take 2,000 regularly and 10,000 when a sickness is circulating. I use Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Gold + K2-MK7. K2 transports the vitamin D where it needs to go so, you need to take them together.

Selenium Gold

Selenium is a supplement I take for my thyroid but also when a sickness is on the move. This nutrient helps to reduce the effects of free radical damage which is prevalent in those with illnesses like the flu, cold, etc.

I take 200 mg 2x a day from Nutrigold Selenium Gold (code SIMPL).

High Quality Sleep

Sleep is the queen of all things. If you aren’t sleeping, you aren’t well. You need high quality sleep to regenerate and detox every night. Watching the morning sunrise daily is the best way to get your melatonin levels up for that night.

When the sunshine hits our naked eye, it boosts serotonin. We need serotonin stored in our gut to make melatonin once the light goes away. Cool huh? I dig into this in the ebook so, I recommend you grab that!

I set with the sun and put away artificial green/blue light after dark. We use our red light after that. The van is completely dark because even a little light (dim light) during our RIM (12 a.m. – 4 a.m.) can disrupt our sleep. In the winter I get up to 11 hours of sleep and around 7 in the summer.

Antioxidant Heaven

Berries are my favorite source of antioxidants. Blueberries, elderberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, salmonberries and the list goes on. Make sure you’re buying organic because they’re WAY up on the dirty dozen meaning they’re heavily sprayed with carcinogenic and toxic chemicals. I source locally whoever possible for many reasons. You can also get dried berries or dry them yourself.

I am for a couple servings a day of high antioxidant foods!

Other Supplements I Take

These are more pieces in my holistic coronavirus and flu protocol. All are from Nutrigold because they are 100% organic and the cleanest brand I’ve found + you can use my affiliate code SIMPL to save 15%!


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After two months of working with Ashlee, we got pregnant. She's kind, diligent and truly invested in my family and...


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After two months of working with Ashlee, we got pregnant. She's kind, diligent and truly invested in my family and health. We tried for over a year to get pregnant with no luck after our first baby. I definitely recommend!
My back pain literally left, my puffy arms toned up and now I'm able to chase my baby boy around....


PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women


My back pain literally left, my puffy arms toned up and now I'm able to chase my baby boy around. HOLY CRAP, I was hesitant to implement the changes Ashlee always talked about on her Instagram stories (which led me to work 1:1 with her). Thank you Ashlee, from the bottom of my heart.
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PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women


My skin feels good, looks good and I'm confident about the non-toxic products I have in my bathroom now. Ashlee, thank you for teaching me everything you know. I adore you.
PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women
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