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Immune-Boosting Support

Okay, nobody likes it when cold/flu season starts to roll around. School is back in session, the weather turns colder and it seems like everyone is coughing or sniffling. (Weird how this happens when we start spending less time outside and usually eating more junk, anywayssss) How to stay healthy this season? I have some awesome tips for immune-boosting support that I live by to give extra love to my immune system!

eating seasonally for immune boosting support

Eat Seasonally to Combat Colds

I can’t say enough about how incredibly supportive it is to eat seasonally. Especially during the winter months. We usually crave warm foods during this time and there’s a reason for that! It gives natural immune-boosting support. I love to plan out a week of soups, stews, stir-frys and roasts. I get locally grown squash, carrots, potatoes and onions from my CSA and incorporate them into meals. And yes, pumpkin, too! We also stock up on the more shelf stable fruits like apples! Warming spices like cinnamon, ginger and cayenne are great for digestion. Eating these foods lets your body know what season it is in, where is it located geographically, and keeps your immune system running in tip top shape!

Don’t Forget the Sun Just Because It’s Colder

Regular exposure to sunlight, especially at and around solar noon is crucial for helping your body synthesizes the most vitamin D. Vitamin D offer incredible immune-boosting support. You can keep up your sunrise gazing in the mornings and even expose your face, neck and arms to the sunlight as we have photoreceptors on our skin. Foods that naturally contain vitamin D include egg yolks, raw milk and cheese, liver, and mushrooms. Then, cod liver oil (from a good source) is another great option for winter vitamin D.

Keep Moving For Immune Support

I make walking throughout the day a habit. I spread out my walks and keep them brisk ( 15 minutes each walk as many times as you can a day). If you live in a place where winter comes early, you can snowshoe or cross-country ski as well. To my walking routine I also add in regular, controlled and specific movement throughout the day to build up my strength foundation. Some examples are twists, turns, squats, and rolling your shoulders to get your blood flowing. You can do these movements while you are tidying the house, cooking in the kitchen or even taking a break from working on a computer.

Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Okay, I know when the weather gets chilly it’s not as comfy to go barefoot or wear sandals. But, grounding as often as you can recharges the cells in our body, filling them like mini water bottles. This energy can be used later during times of stress or sickness. How to do it? Just stand barefoot on the earth. If you’re in an especially cold place, dump a bucket of water on the snow to melt it and touch your feet to the earth. Yep, I’m that serious about it!

And Probably the Most Important Immune Boosting Tip?

Stress management! Yeah, I know, easier said than done Especially during the holidays for some. But stress does take a major toll on the immune system. Prioritize and set aside intention time for breath exercises, stretching, reading, sitting with a cup of tea, meditation, prayer or whatever adds joy and relaxation to your life. See the stress relief practices I do daily.

supplements for immune boosting support

Bonus Stuff to Keep Your Immunity Up

It’s tempting to just want to take a supplement to give “immune-boosting support” and then cram as much stress as possible into life. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You gotta have the foundation first, which is why I listed all of the solid practices above. When I do feel I need an extra boost, here is what I reach for:

Use my code: SIMPL10 to save on all of these! For targeted herbal support Organic Olivia carries amazing, organic remedies that work for immunity support or when you’re feeling under the weather.

If you’re digging this info and you gotta know more, take a deep dive on all of these lifestyle practices! Head over to get your hands on my Wild Woman’s Hormone Ebook. It’s the foundation.

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