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Why a Health Routine is Helpful

Having a health routine is so helpful to keep yourself in a good place both mentally and physically. It is grounding and predictable, especially when life gets crazy stressful. Routines that are made up of healthy habits, stacked up one on the other during the day, get you closer to the ultimate goal of wellness.

A Health Routine Adds Stability to your Life

A routine helps your body feel safe. It knows that regular meals, nourishment, rest is always available. A safe body is a body that is able to produce adequate amounts of progesterone, detox excess estrogen and keep the thyroid humming along at a happy rate. When your body feels safe, you are warm, have good poops (detox, baby!) and energy levels stay steady throughout the day.

Routines are Helpful in Giving Your Day Purpose

When you start your day with a healthy morning routine, like getting sunlight in your eyes and grounding on the earth, followed by a nutrient-packed breakfast of protein, carbs, and fat, you give a sense of purpose to your day. It’s easy to follow up with other healthy habits like walking in nature, drinking nourishing things and choosing nutrients to fuel your body. The routine sets the tone, so it’s harder for habits like phone-scrolling in bed or subsisting on nothing but to black coffee until noon to take hold.

Like if you have a no-phone in the room rule, you aren’t going to reach over first thing in the a.m. to scroll! You will aimlessly grab at the beginning only to realize the phone isn’t there. It’s actually a super freeing feeling and eye-opening!

You’ll Sleep Better with a Routine

When we go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, it’s easier for your body to develop a healthy sleep-wake cycle. This is so amazing for balancing circadian rhythm and your body will be ready to sleep at bedtime. And wake up effortlessly in the morning! Blue light blockers are my go-to in the evening to help with my sleep cycle. Two of my favs that I know work:

Another simple thing that helps you to sleep better at night is to keep a low/no EMF environment in your room and keep those lights low. We use candles or red light when the sun goes down because dimmers come with major flicker which actually negatively excites your nervous system when you’re trying to do the opposite (calm it down!).

You Can Develop a Routine that Suits You

I definitely like to share the habits that work for me. These are things that support my metabolism, hormone balance, and thyroid health. They have literally changed my entire health story. And you can find the good stuff that works for you! Check out my daily routine to support hormone health.

What if I’ve Got No Routine?!

If you’re feeling totally stumped and don’t even know where to start building your own health routine, you’ll find tons of info and support in my Bare Naked Hormones Course. I show you the “whys” behind healthy habits. If you’re not at a place where you can commit to the course right now (there is a payment plan option!), you can also find tons of resources for free here in my blog and my Instagram account!

What does your current routine look like? Share what’s working for you!

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