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9 Stress Busting Practices I Do Daily

These 9 stress relief activities for adults (and really anyone) are my tried and true. Whether you’re living a normal day in your life with normal stressors or you’re in quarantine from the crazy coronavirus, these are approved for you!


First and foremost, when I get overwhelmed or find myself getting a little antsy or anxious, I unplug. I get off of all social media apps and delete them if I have hard time with boundaries.

There’s no better way to regroup and rest than to unplug and block your ears from all the noise. If you follow 2000 people on instagram, that’s 2000 different voices chanting messages and opinions than can become completely overbearing. DISCONNECT DISCONNECT DISCONNECT.

Cup of Tea

Besides the point that sitting down with a warm cup of tea is just straight up relaxing, it’s actually medicinal! If you source organic additive free tea and use filtered water, you can support your health in addition to your mind. Herbs like Licorice, Chamomile, Calendula, Peppermint and Skullcap are great sippers.

Add your favorite organic milk and maybe a little honey. Turn it into your ritual, savor the moment.

In Home Workout

When I am feeling a little stressed, I love to workout. But when we aren’t able to get outside or are maybe on the brink of quarantine and can’t get outside, a good in-home workout does the jobs. Usually, I go for a deep long stretching session with some body weight exercises.

Other times, I do my barefoot HIIT training workout. This basically means you won’t be doing any workouts that require a ton of space like sprinting haha. I love Dr. Chattergee for workouts that get the blood flowing and get our sweat on.

Herbs Herbs Herbs

I talked a little about some of my favorite herbs in the tea section above. Here are a list of my favorite stress busting herbs and where I get them. + they are great for when your body is stressed from external stressors like viruses (like the coronavirus)! More on this in my Holistic Coronavirus Protocol.

  • Calendula
  • Licorice
  • Scutellaria
  • Dandelion
  • Rosemary
  • Andrographis
  • Artemisia annua

All herbs are studied and backed to work on viruses. This is a fantastic video on them.

Snuggle up and Read

I’m a sucker for wellness, nutrition and science books but sometimes I’ll find a good book that is totally mindless and dive in. There is something about setting aside 15 minutes to an hour to drift into another world and imagine up new ideas.

Put some (high quality) essential oil in your diffuser, turn on your salt lamp and disconnect your wifi. Cut out the noise and give yourself this time to relax. Hey, you can ever grab your cup of tea or this caffeine-free latte!

Do you practice self love??

Play Games and Chill

One of the ultimate stress relief activities is game playing! There’s something special about gathering around a table with family and playing some good electronic free games.. you know, board games! It brings us together and reminds us to appreciate what we have and the blessings that flood us daily.

Put your phones away and be present.

Breath Deep Breathes

The amount of times this one has changed the trajectory of my day is just crazy. My husband helps me with this one – actually – by reminding me to take these deep breathes when I seem a little on edge. There’s science to back this super simple God given ability TO BREATH.

Sit down and do this:

  • close your eyes
  • inhale for 5 seconds
  • hold for 5 seconds
  • exhale for 5 seconds
  • repeat 5 times

You have time for this and if you don’t think you do… let’s reevaluate love!

Cut Back on the Caffeine

Besides the fact that caffeine is actually adding to your perceived stress, it can delete your body of nutrients needed to keep your chill! Instead of having your cup of coffee, go for a caffeine-free latte, herbal tea, fresh squeezed juice or some herbal coffee.

snuggle up with this dairy free maca latte.
It’s cozy, creamy & delicious.

Whip Up a Healthy Treat

Hey, who doesn’t love something fun and creative to eat? Especially when it has a healthy twist! All the recipes I create here are just that. Gluten-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free and so dang delicious. Get creative, get the kids in the kitchen with you and get baking! You can try these dairy-free brownies, this grain-free pie or even these CBD peanut butter bars!

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