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How I Take Care of My Crazy Curls (without toxic products)

Surprisingly, you are really into what I do to take care of my crazy curly mane (hair) and natural curly hair products! In this post I will break down the unconventional things I do for my hair. **hint** it’s not any fancy expensive product!

Getting Started with Natural Hair Care

Before you read below and think I’m crazy for washing my hair only 1-2 times a month, let me explain how I got there!

I used to be a shower in the morning and again before bed kinda girl. I couldn’t go a day without showering unless I wanted to turn into a grease ball. My hair was stringy, static filled and definitely not healthy!

In the beginning, there was a transition period for sure. I committed to only one shower every two days. On that second day, I would put my hair up if it was greasy. I stuck with this for a couple weeks then, moved to 2 showers a week. Needless to say, I had a lot of ponytail days due to the greasiness of my hair.

Then, it happened, I noticed the oily hair went away and my hair started looking more alive. I had been washing away all my healthy oils + destroying my skin with harmful chemicals in products like Herbal Essence, Pantene, TRESemmé and Garnier. When I let me body do what God created it to do, it starting working properly. Crazy huh! Now I’m to 1-2 times a month at most.

Natural Curly Hair Products | Non Toxic | Organic

Humid Environments Hair Care

There is no better way to love on and care for your curly hair than to live in a humid climate. I’m telling you, when I lived in Kauai and Florida I had the most luxurious hair of all. Before then, I lived in Alaska my whole life and only knew my hair potential when I travelled to the tropics.

Here’s what I do in humid environments, my exact hair care routine:

  • basically nothing.. haha, but no joke
  • wash my hair 1-2 times a month (just shampoo)
  • rinsing only when I get out of the ocean
  • wide tooth comb it 1-2 times a month (when I shower & wash it)
  • rub the ends with jojoba, coconut or apricot oil

A big part of my hair being so alive is that I don’t use any harsh chemicals on it! I only use organic, non-toxic, fragrance and chemical-free shampoo and conditioner. You won’t find any mousse, spritzers or gels in my shower bag.

Dry Environments Hair Care

Now, this is a different story because we need to put a little love and care into our hair when it’s dryer than heck outside. As I mentioned above, I’m from Alaska and it’s so dang dry there (crazy, huh?).

Here’s what I do in dry environments, my exact hair care routine:

  • wash my hair 1-2 times a month (shampoo + conditioner)
  • wide tooth comb when I shower & the conditioner is in my hair
  • rub the ends and scalp with (just a little) moroccan oil, apricot oil or aloe vera gel
  • run my fingers through the bottom part that knots up from wearing beanie or hoodie

As I mentioned above, non-toxic products are all that I’ll use. If we use harmful chemicals on our hair, they may work temporarily but they end up killing our hair and disrupting our hormones.

Non-Toxic Natural Curly Hair Products I Love

Acure – shampoo, conditioner, oils

Desert Essence – shampoo, conditioner

Aleavia – basically everything, they’re the best of all brands

Natural curly hair products

The Biggest Secret to My Crazy Curls

As crazy as it may sound, the biggest thing that keeps my hair healthy is a non-toxic life. Organic, whole-food, seasonal and local eating. On top of that, I use a shower filter that blocks all chlorine, fluoride, chlorine by products and the whole gamut of other chemicals that can wreck our luscious locks!

Take it as you will but my hair made a 180 when I started eating this way and using a shower filter in addition to the natural curly hair products I mentored above. Feel free to ask any questions below!

natural curly hair products

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  1. Aryanna says:

    Hey there! I have curly hair too and I was wondering what you do to style every day. I try to wash my hair as little as possible, but I find that it’s about impossible to wear my hair down if I haven’t at least wet it in the morning. When I wake up, it’s a big ball of knots with random hairs going in different directions!

    • Ashlee says:

      I really do nothing. I let is do what it wants. If I am in a super dry climate I will put some moroccan argan oil on the ends and then a little on the top to keep the fly hairs away and if it’s really wild I will wet it and let it calm back down! I make sure to put it up in a ponytail each night (not too tight and with a cloth hair band)!

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