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Reversing My PCOS Naturally (You can too!)

Remember when I told you all about my journey to the ER from the agonizing pain of a ovarian cyst rupture? Okay, if you haven’t read about that yet, I highly recommend you do so here. My road to healing was very long, curvy and sometimes even in reverse soooo, let’s make sure you don’t have to go through that!

Here’s my story of how I went from PCOS to now-mama of a sweet baby boy. I’m healthier, stronger and according to my husband “look better than even before I was pregnant”. That’s the power of healing. Plus, something awesome for you is that I just added a brand new model to my Bare Naked Hormones course that is literally the exact protocol I followed to heal my PCOS.

Using Your Diagnosis as a Kickstart

Most women think when they get that PCOS diagnosis, they’re doomed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting this diagnosis could be just what you need to open your eyes and transition into a more hormone-supportive lifestyle. It could be just what you need to learn that Keto, Paleo, Fasting, Low-Carb, High Fat, blah blah blah DO NOT WORK and will NEVER work for things like hormone imbalance.

For me, it was the final straw. I was already doing everything EVERYTHING I thought was right. The only missing link for me with the minerals, enough eating and PUFAs. I had to implement minerals, eat MORE and I had to cut back on PUFAs and when I did, 2 months later I got pregnant. No joke.

I knew that I was already:

  • eating 100% organic
  • had no artificial anything
    • in food or personal products
  • ate regeneratively grown meat
  • got morning sun daily
  • grounded daily
  • watched the sunset daily
  • avoided/limited/blocked EMFs
  • had had boundaries with work
  • created stress management protocols
  • slept on an organic mattress
  • wore organic clothes
  • did red light therapy
  • got to bed at a good hour
  • blocked artificial blue light
  • drank properly filtered water
  • supplemented some things
  • did supportive movements/workouts
  • spent time with those I love
  • lived a full life

I literally was doing it all. I am an all or nothing person and 100% is my standard so you could see why I was so frustrated. BUT the fact that I wasn’t pregnant shows me that I was still missing something. And that something is what I am about to talk about 🙂

Step 1 to Reversing My PCOS Naturally

The first step to revering my PCOS was 1) encountering the episode you read about in my previous post. I knew something was wrong and I knew that everything I was doing was not enough. There was something missing and I had to get to the root of it. This was very hard for me though because I had tried **everything** at this point so I didn’t know where to look. I didn’t know who to reach out to. I didn’t know which doctors/nutritionists to trust because I feared they would all make the same blanket recommendations I blatantly DISAGREE with. (i.e. low carb, keto, generalized herbs, generalized supplements, etc.)

Step 2 to Reversing My PCOS

Praying a lot and seeking guidance from the one who created me. I prayed for a lead, a guide, something that was different and would stick out. I knew what I had done for the last 7 years wasn’t cutting it. That’s when my friend and doctor Leland Stillman came in. We had met in Florida a couple months before and I was kind of a problematic case. I seemed to be doing it all right but – he too – knew something was up since I couldn’t get pregnant. He told me about his friend Morely Robbins and BAM that’s when I learned about minerals.

Right before this I was mega-dosing vitamin D (this is a hormone and shouldn’t be supplemented, at all), ascorbic acid (NOT GOOD) and fish oil (oh Lord). Other than that, there wasn’t much I had to cut out. OTHER THAN ALL THE NUTS AND SEEDS I WAS EATING. Because, those are so good for us right? Wrong. Concentrated forms of PUFA foods can wreak havoc on our cellular health and that’s what I was experiencing. I believe these things together are what fueled my PCOS and led them to eventually rupture.

Step 3 to Reversing My PCOS

Now, I had some new (to me) information that MADE SENSE for the first time. It never made sense to me to do keto, bulletproof, paleo, fasting, diets, detoxes, etc. but I tried them all because I was desperate and they made my health worse. I took all the recommendations my doctor had and ran with them. Remember, I’m an all or nothing person. I got the beef liver (or raw), magnesium, adrenal cocktail ingredients, boron drops and trace mineral drops. This step was all about implementing minerals in the form of food first and supplements next.

But I was still missing out on two crucial steps. EATING ENOUGH and REDUCING PUFAs. Now to step 4. The final part!

Step 4 to Reversing My PCOS

Here we are at step 4 of reversing my PCOS naturally! I got the minerals, the guidance and the tools I needed but I was still missing something. Once I entered this metabolism-supportive world, the resources and guidance started reaching me all over the place. From friends, instagram and emails.

Once I learned I was severely under-eating and severely over-consuming concentrated PUFA foods I was set. This was the final step. When I implemented these things in addition to the things from step 3. I HEALED. The PCOS went away. My hormones balanced. My skin cleared up. Then, my weight started to regulate. Period cramps went away. Periods were normal. Best of all? I got pregnant after trying for 4 years. Four years.

Recap + Takeaways

  • PCOS is just a compilation of symptoms doctors don’t know what to do with
  • It has underlying root causes that must be address in order to heal
  • PCOS has everything to do with a sluggish metabolism
  • Sluggish metabolism = sluggish thyroid = imbalanced hormones
  • Surgery and drugs will not get the root of PCOS
  • You can heal from PCOS naturally, I did it
  • I became pregnant after just two months of following the protocol I created for myself and my 1:1 clients
  • This protocol / blueprint is what my Bare Naked Hormones course is
  • Start tracking your pulse and temps to learn more about your health
  • Nourish with regular carb and protein rich meals throughout the day
  • Invest in a solid water filter (crucial)
  • Take a look at your mineral status, it’s very telling 

These things are what I teach now in my Bare Naked Hormones course. The things I wish I would have known in the beginning of my health journey. Things I would have paid thousands of dollars to learn but instead I paid thousands of dollars to see doctors, nutritionist, order supplements, order labs and try different fad “health” diets. Now you know how I went about reversing my PCOS naturally without dang restrictive dieting!

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