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Natural Pregnancy Prep

In this post on natural pregnancy prep you will learn all about my infertility journey, what I tried, what worked, what didn’t and all the in-betweens! I can’t wait for you to get your health back. If you’re ready to dive in RIGHT NOW, grab a copy of my Wild Woman’s Hormones Ebook.

Brief Infertility Update

If you haven’t read my post on the start of my health journey, my infertility update or my latest infertility news, start there! You will get my LONG 6 year experience of healing. You will see the hoops I tried to jump through, the shortcuts I didn’t realize i was trying to take and the “quick fixes” I fell for. All things I DO NOT recommend.. We’ll discuss that below!

What I Tried & Don’t Recommend

As you saw in the three posts I tagged above, I didn’t have an easy journey to fertility. Actually, for 4 years I dealt with just the opposite. No answers. Help? No. No sound advice. Just “eat that”, “workout less” and “this supplement”. You know, that super helpful (.. not) advice? People have good intentions but they don’t know you like you can know you. Here’s what I tried and what didn’t work like I wanted it to.

Eliminating Everything From My Diet

At one point – I swear – all I could eat was meat and some fruit. I was so inflamed, tired, weak and skinny. I was nauseas 24/7 and sought advice from well-meaning doctors and nutritionists. They all told me, it’s something you’re eating. So, the elimination began. First, I kicked out legumes. Next, grains and sugar. Then, I was left with only a handful of foods I could eat. Guess what, it didn’t help.

I already ate extremely clean, organic, no packaged foods and the whole gamut. Food wasn’t the issue. Don’t eliminate just because everyone else does. Obviously, eliminating inflammatory foods is a great idea for anyone but entire food groups.. not so much.

Unintentionally Starving Myself & Intermittent Fasting

A perfect bar for lunch, a couple eggs and grain free pancakes for breakfast, maybe a beef stir-fry for dinner. That’s what I got to. I was so malnourished in the sense of calories that it’s clear to me why my body would not want to produce and hold a living being in its womb! I am an extremely active person, I should have been eating upwards of 2500 calories a day (if I counted). One day I did and I was eating a little over a thousand calories a day and eventually my body got used to it and thought it was full!

The next crazy thing was the intermittent fasting. NOT FOR WOMEN OF CHILD BEARING AGE. Let me just throw that out there. All studies are done on post-menopausal women, mean and for therapeutic purposes i.e. MEDICAL CONDITIONS. A normal healthy woman should stop this craziness. We need food, especially first thing in the morning. I’d say this is one of the things I did that wrecked my hormones the most.

If you have questions about this, drop them below!

Regular Crazy Intense Workouts

Working out = stress, whatever kind of stress it is, it’s stress! I was doing HIIT 5x a week with maybe a rest day because I love to workout! This wrecked my hormones because I didn’t take time off during my period, I didn’t listen to my body and I wasn’t feeding myself enough.

My body switched into sympathetic mode (fight or flight) and stayed there for many man years. I had little to no body fat left and it’s clear to me now why I couldn’t conceive.”Studies have shown that high-intensity workouts can alter hormonal balance, disrupt ovulation, and alter the entire menstrual cycle. “

Not to mention, I was working out at 5 a.m. before the sunrise in a gym with artificial lights, horrible air quality and extremely high EMF levels. That’s a whole different blog post.

Fad Health Diets Like….

AIP, Paleo, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb, High Fat, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free… sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, these protocols can be super helpful for natural pregnancy prep, particular people with allergies or loads of inflammation in the body. I also believe it’s never a good idea to consume massive amounts of processed junk, polyunsaturated fats, conventional dairy and grains for days but there is a balance.

It comes down to what’s seasonal, local and growing around you. How was it grown? What kind of sugar is in it? Is it raw dairy? Have you checked what the farmer feeds your bacon? You have to look deeper. Healing goes far beyond a fad diet.

Supplementing to the Death of Me

Ever seen those buckets of supplements at your friends…. oh wait, you have one too. It’s okay, I did as well. I had a supplement for every ailment in the book. The thing with most supplements is they are just like medicine, they aren’t getting to the root and instead just cover up a deficiency or excess.

Unless you have a strategic plan for your supplements, they aren’t going to help. Plus, if you are supplementing with crappy quality supplements.. they definitely aren’t going to help! Don’t get me wrong, we need to supplement certain things like trace minerals and nutrients we know we are deficient in. That leads me to my next topic: TESTING!

Hormonal Hair Loss and hormone imbalance

Test, Test, Test & Don’t Guess

If I could press one thing into your mind today it would be this. I can’t believe how many years I waited to get my hormones and thyroid tested. All I wanted was a clear picture but I kept guessing based off symptoms and what my natural practitioners were saying. If I would have just tested, I would have had a crystal clear picture of the exact levels and what was going on in my struggling body.

Instead, I took maca when my body didn’t need it. I took DIM when I needed vitex. Brassicas became a huge part of my diet when my body needed the exact opposite. TEST DON’T GUESS!

Finding Someone to Help (for an outside look)

This is where I come in. I work with women – like you – who are sick of being sick, mislead and bogged down in the chaos of the wellness world. If you’re ready to take on natural pregnancy prep with a new looks, I encourage you to either apply to work 1:1 with me or to find a local health practitioner in your area that isn’t a:

  • supplement pusher
  • diet enthusiast

Instead, interview them and ask if they specialize in infertility, women’s hormones, PCOS and thyroid? Ask what their “graduation rate” is. Meaning, do women succeed with their protocols or do they stay forever meaning they don’t ever heal. I am excited for you to find someone just for you! You can apply to work 1:1 with me here.

5 Natural Pregnancy Prep Focus Points

  • reduce EMF exposure
  • increase sun exposure
  • mineral support
  • seasonal & well-timed eating
  • inflammation reduction

So, I’m a huge fan of my Wild Women’s Hormone Ebook because it covers these 5 topics in great detail. I mean DETAILED detail. The only way it will get more detailed is in my course. If you aren’t willing to put work into these 5 things, I don’t know what to tell ya sistahhh!

Sneak peak from the ebook!

Daily Routine Examples

Here’s an example of what my daily routine looked like when I was gearing up for my natural pregnancy prep. No IVF, hormone replacement, medications or other interventions needed (praise the Lord).

  • sunrise
    • getting it right in my naked eye (no windows/glasses)
  • breakfast
    • within 30 minutes of waking
    • includes fat, carbs and protein
  • walk
  • work (outside if possible)
  • break, lunch & workout
    • lunch was sustainable low mercury seafood, roasted seasonal veggies in raw butter, raw milk and a homemade grain free cookie
  • work
  • walk
  • personal business
    • stress reduction practices, stretching, hanging out with my friends/family, more sunshine, reading, cooking, adulting
  • dinner
    • local red meat or chicken, roasted veggies, something delicious and sweet
  • tucked in the van around dark
    • total avoidance of artificial light after dark
    • with the exception of my red light panel
    • red light therapy every single night
  • asleep by 9:30/10 pm

I can’t wait to hear your stories, questions and feedback below. The topic of natural pregnancy prep can raise a lot of questions and emotions so, feel free to start a conversation and know that I’m here for you!

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