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photo of a ladies legs in a bath with leaves and flowers and milky water with the text mineral bath soak - level up your bath

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How to Level Up Your Mineral Bath Soak

Everyone loves baths and but few are doing this simple step to level up their experience to a mineral bath soak! Baths are all the hype, I get it, we’ve talked about this before on here and I was never really a bath person.. but I think I’ve been converted since having a baby. Most…


Minerals like magnesium for women's hormones

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Balance: Minerals for Healthy Women’s Hormones

Curious about magnesium for women’s hormones and the effect it can have on your lady hormones? This is just the post for you. Here, you’ll learn about magnesium, other trace minerals, their role in hormones and why we need them… Especially during times like now! I dig deep into the basics of magnesium and its…


Amazing magnesium benefits for women

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Why Magnesium Matters for Women’s Health

The crazy magnesium benefits for women goes far beyond what you could ever imagine. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, head over there and you’ll hear me talk about it daily. I’ve seen it heal my hormones, heal my clients hormones, balance women who had PCOS and the list goes on. It’s an essential…


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Pain-free cycles, peaceful pregnancy, healthy clear skin and actually feeling warm were far off dreams for me just 3 years ago. I couldn’t even imagine having a glass of raw milk or enjoying a bowl of garden salsa (it made me bloated just thinking about it!). Worst of all, I was unsure if I’d ever get to start a family. From being passed out on the bathroom floor from the pain of rupturing ovarian cysts to a vibrant and healthy mom.