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Nose toTail Healthy Creamy Broccoli Soup with added hidden liver

Nose to Tail Healthy Creamy Broccoli Soup

This nose to tail healthy creamy broccoli soup is a trip down memory lane for sure. I keep it simple ...
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Hormone Healing Raw Milk Chocolate Milk

Hormone Healing Raw Milk Chocolate Milk

Cats outta the bag, I'm obsessed with this Hormone Healing Raw Milk Chocolate Milk. If you're over on Instagram with ...
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Hormone Healing Adrenal Cocktail (with variations)

This hormone healing adrenal cocktail is one I get asked the recipe for almost daily over on Instagram! Why? Because ...
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instant pot tomato free chili with a paleo chili option

Instant Pot Recipes: Tomato Free Chili (paleo too)

Life in the van calls for a LOT of instant pot tomato free chili since it's so easy and stores ...
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Eggs 5 Ways: My Favorite Paleo Egg Recipes (van life approved)

These paleo egg recipes are a life saver when it comes to life in a van or in a home ...
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Refined Sugar Free Raw Milk Hot Chocolate (with a DF option)

You haven't seen many raw milk recipes on here because I usually keep them to myself 😉 I had to ...
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Van Recipes: Rose Ginger Chamomile Sun Tea

This Florida "winter" is 87 degrees so, that called for some chamomile sun tea! All you need is a big ...
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3 Ingredient Grain Free Thumbprint Cookies

So, my grain free thumbprint cookies broke my website or something. They were up here on minute and down the ...
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What Caffeine is Really Doing to Your Body + a latte recipe

Oh no, cover your ears. It's National Coffee Month and we can surely agree that America (and the world) runs ...
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Cool Down with this Grapefruit Blackberry Mocktail

Happy day, let's celebrate you with this grapefruit blackberry mocktail. All you need is a few simple ingredients and a ...
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no bake chocolate banana pie

Creamy Chocolate Banana Cream Pie (minis & vegan)

This no bake chocolate banana pie is about to rock your world. Plus, I made a short video for you ...
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Delicious WIld Alaska Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner | AIP, Paleo, GF

Delicious Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner that’s NOT Dry!

Rumor has it, this alaska salmon sheet pan dinner is a dream. I created this twenty-minute dinner just for you ...
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paleo, AIP, keto & dairy free anti inflammatory butternut squash soup

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup (DF, GF, AIP, Keto)

Whether you’re in Alaska or in Costa Rica, temperature doesn’t matter, this anti inflammatory butternut squash soup is off the ...
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Delicious Cherry Pie (grain free variation, too!)

You have to get your hands on this.... gluten free dairy free cherry pie! Coming in hot. My father-in-law had ...
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grain free banana cream pie minis

Grain Free {mini} Banana Cream Pies (DF, GF, SF, V)

These grain free banana cream pies are about to rock your world. What are you waiting for?! You only need 3 ...
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Caffeine Free Maca Latte

One thing I love about this recipe is that it takes so little time to make. Seriously, what else so ...
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These vegan gluten free pancakes are absolutely delicious. They are made with sprouted corn flour and are just sweet enough to keep you coming back for more! + they are made with less than 5 ingredients!

Life-Changing Sprouted Corn Pancakes (GF/V)

These vegan gluten free pancakes are all I dream about. They're lightly sweetened with homemade apple sauce and have less ...
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gluten-free brownies | paleo | refined sugar free | grain free

Superfood Gluten-free Brownies

If you're on the hunt for delicious gluten-free brownies, you've landed in the right place. These are grain, gluten and ...
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vital proteins, bulletproof hot chocolate, simplholistic, keto drink

Hormone Balancing Bulletproof Hot Chocolate

This post for drinks like bulletproof hot chocolate has been a long time coming. I’m going to give you my ...
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Green Recovery Smoothie - Vital Proteins, simplholistic, gut shot, gut health

Deliciously Refreshing Green Recovery Smoothie

Out of all the recovery smoothie recipes out there, this one takes the prize. It's simple to make, cost effective ...
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Instant pot chicken curry - gluten & dairy free

Instant Pot Chicken Curry Soup | Less Than 1 Hour

We all have those delicious comforting recipes we love. You know, the ones that warm our hearts, minds and tastebuds ...
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Maca Ginger “Chocolate” Bark with Plantain Crisps

Chocolate bark is on joke so, what do you do when you're following the autoimmune protocol? You eat AIP "chocolate" ...
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Bragg Live Food Products & Recipes.

This fall has been a real buster for the flu, cold and other illnesses here in Eastern Washington. I swear, ...
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Sending Off Summer With Smoothies.

In Ecclesiastes 3 it says there is a time to mourn and that time is right now. You can join ...
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Huckleberry Pie (Gluten, Soy, Sugar-free)

If you are in the Pacific Northwest you know all about the huckleberry hype. If you don’t, it’s basically when ...
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Your Paleo BFF (even if you’re not paleo).

Hey again! Thanks for being here, it truly makes my heart happy to have you back time and time again ...
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Matcha N’ice Cream

What better time for homemade ice cream than July? I mean, it is National Ice Cream Month. It is one ...
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It’s A Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Turmeric!

Hey! I hope your day is going wonderfully, let's jump into this delicious recipe. Y'all have been requesting this one ...
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Sweet Potato Chili

What a sweet thing it is when you get to have a meal with friends, family, coworkers, teammates or whoever! ...
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Guest Post: Detoxing Rainbow Salad – Anna Cortesi

Happy Thursday & almost Friday! I hope you had a restful night and that you are getting lots done this ...
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Spring Cleansing: Guest Post – Anna Cortesi

Guest blogger Anna Cortesi, RD, here today with this cleansing salad for spring! With all of these vitamins and healthy ...
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Noodle(less) Minestrone

Happy Friday! I have been super busy with work, other work and working on my little business. it's almost as if ...
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Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein (AIP)

Sometimes you are just craving some spaghetti and maybe you are craving chow mein at the same , maybe not? ...
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Immunity Bowl

During the winter it is so easy to gravitate towards heavier heartier foods. I mean, it is the way our ...
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Low-Carb Tortillas

If you have ever heard of the word ketogenic you probably either thought "what in the world?" or "nope, not ...
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Whole-Food Frittata

This recipe is one that was super fun, easy & delicious. It is one of those "I have no food ...
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Grain-free Turkey Roll Ups

Hey there! This year has already been so busy, eventful and challenging. I have made lots of new changes to my ...
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Immune-Boosting Turmeric Latte

This immune boosting turmeric latte with ginger is one of my secrets to keeping warm during the winter months. Cold ...
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